Ali music as the layout of the global wine market origin or straight into the new normal

Ali music as the layout of the global wine market origin or straight into the new normal

March 5, 2017 jkdxfsgi 0

China wine consumption is heating up. A set of data shows that by 2017 China’s wine market consumption capacity will reach 2 billion 827 million liters, total consumption reached RMB 93 billion 800 million yuan, an increase of up to 102.5%.

huge market potential has attracted numerous liquor vertical electric providers and comprehensive platform providers in the global market Wine overweight layout. Alibaba recently announced that it will launch the first Tmall Global Wine Festival, with the help of Tmall platform to achieve global wine production in the world, to create a global wine producing areas of China Unicom, the silk road".

earlier in the Wine market has not been much involved 1919 supplying liquor also announced the acquisition of the United States officially opened Wine million wine producing areas, direct supply and Wine culture promotion business, the layout of the global market Wine.

has just released the "life world" wine ecological strategy network network also joined the camp. The message says, LETV holding vice chairman, network network CEO Li Rui recently appeared in the French Grand Cru visit, in cooperation with the winery in Wine culture promotion and product development in the field of ecological. Analysts believe that the intensive access and announced in March, wine life ecological world strategy is not unrelated. Reporters learned that Li Rui’s trip will be landing ecological network wine and overseas market is closely related to the strategy, including but not limited to "overseas wineries winery purchase, product introduction, Wine fund, beer category expansion, Chile concha deepen cooperation".

network network previously has said publicly that this year will further improve the Wine global supply chain layout. Study level Wine estate in the world in the global scope, with the acquisition of shares and other ways of cooperation Wine manor in order to extend the industrial chain upstream, ecological expansion continues to accelerate network network worldwide. At the same time, the Wine LETV wine culture and channel combination, use and integration of online resources, realize the globalization and promotion of wine tasting.

let the global quality of wine products and culture and Chinese wine distributors, consumers contact with zero, the realization of industrial information channels interoperability. The future network network will also absorb more global Mingzhuang resources, on the one hand, China Wine dealers, consumer demand for wine to the region, on the other hand will be excellent products and the introduction of global culture China.

major electronic business platform layout of the global wine market, with the rapid growth of China’s fast-growing middle class consumer population growing demand for high-quality consumer. "China consumers will be able to stay at home, zero distance to embrace the world of wine!" Li Rui said. In the network network products to create a global selection mode, producing Wine direct supply products to consumers, to build the CP2P model Wine insight into consumer demand reverse, combined with the world’s top winery in Chile dry to complete the development of the ecological products, will be more in line with the Chinese drinking habit, taste the world-class wine to the consumer before.

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