Tmall 50 listed companies on the market why only Ali can do

Tmall 50 listed companies on the market why only Ali can do

March 5, 2017 ckrekbra 0

2014 World Internet Conference, Ma had in front of Liu Qiangdong’s face had said such a sentence: Alibaba to do is to train more Jingdong, and let this company to make money. In this regard, Liu Qiangdong is not convinced, but this sentence is gradually becoming a reality.


April 26th, media reports Tmall established the "help businesses listed office", help the communication between the docking platform business and brokerage, exchange and other brands have been listed or to be listed business enterprise. According to incomplete statistics, Tmall platform has more than 50 companies in the internal start IPO program, a number of brokerage firms are also competing for the launch of this group of listed companies underwriting battle.

this thing with the news body is established less than 20 years, Ali not only achieves its own prosperity, also led the broad masses of people build up the family fortunes fairly well-off. The thick national excellent village that visual sense. Why is this "village official" a good job? Simply, it’s up to their business model.

Ali platform enabling businesses, Amazon achievements of their own

from the beginning of the year, starry, Liebo, three squirrels and other more than and 50 started from Tmall or rely on Tmall to achieve transformation of the Internet company launched IPO.

and Ali in various departments actively coordinate the internal second, help businesses prepare some information before the listing, communicate with the CSRC and the exchange, to assist the broker to complete the interview and data on business due diligence etc..

these things, as Tmall usually do, are in the business to give energy, which is called "Fu"". Business is responsible for doing business on the Tmall platform, Tmall platform is responsible for doing more basic work, such as better trading, traffic, data support, branding and even a few minutes to get the small loan business.

, but why only Alibaba can mass production of IPO brand, rather than Amazon it, the nature of the study, or the difference between proprietary and proprietary platform. Tmall is the brand self mode, while Amazon is a typical platform proprietary model.

in the United States, more common is the brand side of the electricity supplier, such as Nike, Lego and Bobbi dolls, their electronic business platform sales are their own single brand products. This electricity supplier in the form of relatively rare in China before, but since the opening of millet through self built mall after the sale, similar to the mall began to get up, but not a climate.

and Tmall’s organizational form is the online market, it set up a site, and then recruit brands settled sellers. The benefit of this model is that consumers are more diverse, comprehensive, and more selective, which often means that the goods will be cheaper. For the platform, it is no longer limited to the resources of an enterprise, business data and goods are no longer limited. Through a variety of products

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