Amazon said that the high price of online shopping moon cake Raiders Raiders

Amazon said that the high price of online shopping moon cake Raiders Raiders

March 5, 2017 mmvxljhp 0

days ago, hollyland, Gongyifu, Dasanyuan, Daoxiang village, Rong Hua and other dozens of famous overnight in Amazon have started selling moon cake. Amazon in the high moon cake, said not at the same time, specifically tailored for the following categories of people online shopping moon cake Raiders raiders".

Amazon due to net sales of moon cake and shopping malls, supermarkets sell moon cake compared with the "price gap" and "free delivery" advantage, so the Raiders around "basis to help buyers money at the same time, to ensure the interests of buyers".

for the purchase of moon cake for the employees of enterprise customers, Amazon proposed purchasing department or the human resources department is responsible for people in the number of online select moon cake styles, and direct orders, and fill in the invoice, and invoice by the Amazon will be free to express the moon cake enterprise or company. The shopping malls and supermarkets moon cake will begin to discount in the Mid Autumn Festival ahead of a genius, and Amazon than the Mid Autumn Festival moon cake 15 days in advance, a line began to mark the discount, which is much lower than the market price of 10%, so if the bulk purchase of enterprises and companies can save a lot of money.

for the gifts of enterprise customers, Amazon is recommended to buy gift cards, which can be in a single to hundreds of customers when eliminating duplicate payment time, still can ask for the gift card purchase invoice. And then by the express delivery of the Amazon will be handed over to the hands of different customers. Miss Jiang, PR company, said: this year, I would like to send moon cake to more than 900 customers in different cities, according to the average price of an average of 20 yuan moon cake express, courier can only save nearly $20 thousand."

for individual buyers or the giver, directly to the Amazon will need to send moon cake to the hands of the people, the journey time is saved, the cost of individual can also have received the gift of a sense of surprise, but also help buyers save money.

online shopping moon cake because express, so experts recommend the best online shopping to buy at the beginning of September or the first week. Amazon relevant responsible person said: taking into account this factor, our moon cake will be off the assembly line in September 10th, so that consumers can not guarantee the arrival of 10 before the arrival of the delay. We don’t want to sell a little more than our consumers."

it is understood that consumers can enter the food festival by Amazon’s food store or directly into the moon cake shop to buy Amazon.

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