Amazon is going to heaven Built in 13700 meters warehouse UAV delivery

Amazon is going to heaven Built in 13700 meters warehouse UAV delivery

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on the ground to build warehouses apparently can not meet the imagination of the Amazon, it may be built in the near future to the warehouse to the sky.

Reuters reported on December 28th, Amazon Co has applied for a patent, the use of suspended in the air warehouse to store goods, and as a base for the delivery of unmanned aerial vehicles. Amazon in December 2014 for this patent, and was formally in April this year, but it was not until December 28th this year, Zoe Leavitt research company CB Insights analyst found sharp eyed.


electricity supplier giant Amazon logistics technology called "air operations center (AFC), it is basically a 45000 feet (13700 meters) high altitude airship, used to store the users to buy goods on the business platform in the amazon. Amazon in the Patent Description of the technology is: UAVs will be able to fly into the air warehouse, pick up the goods need to be transported, and then sent to the customer’s home.

in the past few years, Amason has been through its Prime Air action to develop its UAV technology, designed to achieve completely by the logistics company, the goods sent to the customer’s home. Earlier this month, Amazon successfully completed its first unmanned aircraft delivery test in the UK, and decided to expand the scope of UAV testing in 2017.

currently, Amazon UAV delivery business requires companies to build a warehouse to meet the needs of a particular area of delivery. This lightweight goods warehouse designed to contain the Amazon website selling, customer orders, the goods are placed on the UAV can carry the parcel, the parcel will be assembled in the UAV, unmanned opportunity in 30 minutes will be sent to the customer’s home.

But the disadvantage of

is that they have limited range of flights, so Amazon needs to build a large number of warehouses in the world to meet the needs of customers in different regions. In the UK test, Amazon UAV can only transport 5 pounds of goods, and delivery time is limited to within 30 minutes.


Schematic diagram of the simulation of

Amazon air operations center, transfer vehicle and delivery uav.

therefore, Amazon consider building a warehouse in the sky. According to the Patent Description, "air operations center" of goods in transit transport will use the tool to help replenishment, all items in the warehouse by the UAV from the "air operations center" to the customer. These transit tasks will be done with small aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles.

is the need for transit transport, because Amazon is now in the test of the UAV can fly up to 13700 meters altitude, so they need to fly to a ground by the transit transport "access" to "air operations center", at the same time, they can also deliver fuel and supplies, and their staff from the ground and air transport.

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