Suning online offline online shopping business development is slower than expected

Suning online offline online shopping business development is slower than expected

March 5, 2017 gtfgzpay 0

July 16th, Suning Appliance (002024.SZ) released in 2012 half year results announcement, is expected in the first half of this year than last year’s profit fell by 20%~30%.

company shares the same day limit, to July 26th when a reporter has fallen about 20%, Suning Appliance shares entered the era of 6 yuan.

according to the announcement, the electricity supplier is the main reason for the decline in Suning Appliance performance. On the one hand, including Suning Appliance, the rapid development of new sales channels, has a certain influence on the company’s store sales; on the other hand, the company to improve market share, increase the investment in online business, resulting in the two quarter of the cost of water ring than increasing.

as a response to the impact of the electricity supplier, Suning decided to launch online and offline price. It is reported that, in accordance with the dual pricing scheme of the style store, computer PC products Suning line price line to line, is to store computer and related products, prices will have dropped.

this model, or will affect the other home appliance chain enterprises, including’s website. The reporter on this call executive vice president Li Bin, the other is to negotiate with customers on the grounds declined to be interviewed. Electricity supplier experts Jia Jinghua told reporters that the "investor", stores and electricity supplier price, have a great impact on its business, after all, has always been on the cheap electricity supplier to open up the market".

double line conflict intensified

Suning and the launch of the line of the same price, apparently in order to save the Suning Appliance Store sales.

according to Suning Appliance announcement, the company’s line of physical store sales are lower than expected, thus affecting the overall sales revenue growth. Suning Appliance has the reason, on the one hand, by the external economic environment, and the June holiday season promotion of traditional air conditioning effect is not ideal; on the other hand, the rapid development of new sales channels, has a certain impact on the entity store sales; coupled with the two quarter the company continues to push into the store structure adjustment, the new shop more cautious, off shop to further increase the intensity of.

home appliance chain business downturn seems to have become a trend. Another home appliance giant Gome (micro-blog) over the same period, the performance is not satisfactory, and even the first time since 2004, the loss of performance.

3C has become the largest online shopping by the impact of the retail industry. According to the electronic commerce research center statistics, in 2011 3C and home appliances online transactions reached 187 billion yuan, equivalent to Suning Appliance main revenue of the year of two times.

for Suning Appliance launch price and online store price of computer product line under PC. "This is the way to reduce the profit driven store sales, but also will impact the business platform Suning own." The analysts pointed out.


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