Transformation of the electricity supplier in the wholesale market suffered a light heavy difficult

Transformation of the electricity supplier in the wholesale market suffered a light heavy difficult

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Guangdong province has more than 7 thousand professional wholesale market, is a major commodity circulation channel of Pearl River Delta "world factory" heyday. But when faced with the impact of the traditional channels of e-commerce, began to show the trend of running away from home, coupled with rising property rents, labor costs, but also the "heavy"".

transformation is taking place. March 24th, many professional wholesale market came to 2014 (Guangzhou) international e-commerce Expo to find the answer: how to deal with the challenges of electricity supplier

Cai Peng, deputy director of the Shanghai

Network Technology Co., Ltd. to send a warning to the professional market, it is necessary to transform the light of the upgrade, the transition will not become a "monster", and the upgrade can play a good monster". At present, although the professional market based on their own resources and genes are different, choose the path of transformation and upgrading are different, but the common direction is aimed at the role of the new integrated service provider.

online and offline extension

"we began to do e-commerce in 2002, to recruit today, is currently planning the fifth revision, can be said to have been doing, but has not found a more appropriate path." This is the deputy general manager of Guangzhou Nantian Sourcing Limited Wang Ailiang, he is worried the transformation direction for their own hotel supplies wholesale market.

the company’s southern hotel supplies wholesale market, is China first and now the largest hotel supplies wholesale market, the annual turnover of 5 billion yuan. Wang Ailiang’s point of view is that the growing power of e-commerce, as a professional market management, can not adapt to the new changes to meet the new needs of businesses, the decline is almost inevitable. At first, he believes that the professional market, buyers and suppliers of resources as a platform for developers of the resources, find a symbiotic value network, whether the traditional wholesale or online purchase, every one of his role will be, but along the direction did not succeed.

has not yet found a clear direction for e-commerce 12 years, Wang Ailiang believes that the biggest problem is the lack of electricity supplier genes. The characteristics of the professional market is the price difference and opaque information, which forms a professional market. But the Internet is advocating the world is flat, do is to pull down the wall of the professional market. Therefore, he believes that the next step is to focus on the need to break the Bureau, no longer own to do, but a combination of some electricity providers, service providers, platform providers, modern logistics, etc.. And the final direction, Wang Ailiang think is "integration", namely the domestic market and foreign market integration, the traditional professional market and modern service industry integration. Relying on the professional market, e-commerce development of modern logistics, the formation of the fifth generation professional market, and ultimately to build south market the entire business platform to become an industry integrated service platform.

Southern Hotel supplies wholesale market is a typical representative of the traditional professional market, the transition direction is from the collection of "rent" of the traditional professional market to include e-commerce, modern logistics, cross-border electricity supplier.

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