Taobao push scan code shopping war Supermarket an average of one minute swept off a large store

Taobao push scan code shopping war Supermarket an average of one minute swept off a large store

March 5, 2017 ckrekbra 0

original title: Taobao scan code shopping declared war supermarket

network platform to gather forces once again reflected. Yesterday at 9 o’clock, Taobao scan code Shopping Festival opened, according to the data provided by the mobile phone Taobao, as of 14, the user through the phone Taobao swept nearly ten million commodity barcode, sweep into millions of goods. Behind this may be Taobao’s ambition to declare war on the supermarket. However, the traditional physical supermarket but not too much attention to this model.

minutes to sweep empty supermarket

yesterday in the "3· 8 scan code Festival, Taobao subsidies hundreds of millions of dollars in pushing scan code shopping, consumer login mobile phone Taobao, sweep the activities related commodity bar code enter the purchase page, you can get the highest goods 50 percent off credits, each user maximum subsidy of 100 yuan.

from Taobao’s data show that 10 minutes after the start of the event yesterday, the country began to sweep the code to buy the 380 thousand people, the average sweep every minute of the first tier cities in the supermarket sales of 1 days in 1 days. As of 9:30, there have been 30 thousand barrels of cooking oil, milk, milk, 40 thousand bottles of liquid detergent, the volume of paper towels were swept away by the 300 thousand.

, a supermarket in Hangzhou, a woman who scan code shopping, said the usual price of 130 yuan of peanut oil with a lift of about 65 yuan to buy a phone with only $5, do not have to mention their own home. The lady said, this can successfully grab Taobao cheap, simply because in the last "double 12" during the Taobao mobile phone shopping practiced hand, this can skillfully operate a mobile phone, panic buying. Release more energy than aunt, is 90 and 00 after the new generation. Taobao released data show that 90 users accounted for the largest reached 47.25%, after the user ranked in the top second, accounting for up to $36.11%.

targeting super core category

Analysis of

from North Commercial Research Institute believes, in line with the retailer training for a period of time after the honeymoon period, scan code shopping can be seen as the Taobao supermarket to declare war. Because the main category of the Taobao scan code shopping is food, personal care and baby products and other daily necessities, are the main category of supermarket stores. On the other hand, Taobao skipped Chaodeng channels, direct cooperation with Kao, Unilever and other brands. This also means that if the cooperation effect is good, the brand is likely to shift more resources to the online.

but there is also a supermarket sales staff that, because most consumers will buy over the edge, so scan code shopping in attracting passenger at the same time as the supermarket, also bring some sales. "And only one day, will not have much impact on the performance of the supermarket."

away from the phenomenon level is still far

In the Taobao

mobile phone on the code Amoy responsible person Zhang Kuo (bar), scan code shopping will become the outside line shopping, online shopping third shopping channel, but from North Institute for business view, application > bar code scanning shopping

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