One Piece a good way to guide the flow of video sites Daquan

One Piece a good way to guide the flow of video sites Daquan

March 5, 2017 upgypqbj 0

Hello everyone, today, One Piece is to teach you how to use the video traffic. This Wangzhuan tutorial is the result of long-term summary and actual out Wangzhuan project, the effect is very good, suitable for CPA or CPS. We all know that the video site traffic is very great, there are so many people watching the video on it every day, so long as we can lead to a little bit of their traffic that is considerable, then can draw on several flow method summary. Nonsense not say, today the topic into.

this tutorial cited traffic to QQ as an example to explain the actual combat. The first sign of a good use of QQ and QQ can do the functions of advertising, the specific QQ drainage method we can refer to the "One Piece: QQ drainage methods", and then to the video website to register an account, the most recommended Youku, followed by six and I am happy, because the current recommended Youku Youku is indeed the largest flow of video website, and I recommend six music because I am happy and six good entertainment users. Detailed registration process is not much to say. Then collect some funny or beauty like video upload, upload to end through the audit key, then we can modify the title and introduction, in the two places to add our QQ friends, as long as people see and to our friends interested in their own QQ, will take the initiative to add to our QQ no.. But just said in fact is not the most efficient, the most effective way is to directly add QQ friends of our watermark in the video, so we can not only induce Youku and other video sites above users add our QQ, we can also take the initiative to and other large forum we upload the video, as long as our video funny enough, plus the forum traffic is very large, there are many people to add to our QQ, and every day just go to dingyiding the post can wait. Finally, to do a little video drainage expansion, in addition to active drainage, we can also take the initiative to grab traffic, we can go to the popular video like Youku and other video sites home video comments recommended to leave our friends QQ, you might ask why is QQ? Because most of the video site are not allowed to leave the site in the comments, of course, he will not think of some small crack method, you can also open the URL is, or with a short URL, then the front do not add http.

well, all the good way is this, and finally sum up the above methods. 1 video title; 2 video introduction; the 3 video watermark; video review of the 4. As long as you make good use of these four methods, and the video is interesting enough, then there are at least a few hundred people a day plus you, and a good video to play the role of a period of time rather than a day and two days. At the same time, this tutorial is only QQ, for example, we can also add their own URL in the above four methods. Finally I wish you a good fortune! 2011, territory Wangzhuan together with you to grasp the opportunities to create wealth One Piece original address:>!

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