Shopping back now Taobao customer business model may lead to the demise of Taobao customers

Shopping back now Taobao customer business model may lead to the demise of Taobao customers

March 5, 2017 tbdwgekl 0

shopping back to the Taobao customer site business model may lead to the demise of Taobao customers too exaggerated it? Don’t worry, listen to me slowly, you may think it is not exaggerated.

first introduced the current main Taobao customer site form:

1, API form: this form is really good, because it is called data, does not require any maintenance, also can let Baidu easy collection of tens of thousands, tens of thousands of Taobao now included guest website mostly with API, or the number can reach 10 thousand is really difficult! Stability disadvantage is API, especially speed slow, often call to the data, the pop-up "sorry! You want to products not found! Please change a keyword query!", the user experience is not good, it is difficult to attract repeat customers, although many Baidu included, the weight is not very high. This form of site case: the day to earn $10000 Taobao program.


shop navigation form: this form the main promotion crown shops and boutiques, the interface is simple and direct, not fancy, users can easily find directly to buy goods shop, the user experience is good, repeat, easy maintenance. This form of website case: Taobao 28 street.

3, the main push shops and goods and the theme: direct, image, you can clearly see the level of each commodity seller and store level, the user experience is good, can also be included. On behalf of the case: guest house.

4, CMS made Taobao customer system, the promotion of goods, store, theme, the information in this article: a collection of good effect, easy optimization, user experience is good, but the management of this web site data update and maintenance. Case: phpcms making love amoy.

5, CMS system production shop merchandise navigation plus channel promotion: the interface is simple and direct, the user experience is good, can generate static web pages, included good results. The shop goods and channels to promote the combination, although the form is simple, but the contents of many promotion. Case: seven stations Taobao shopping guide.

6, which is today to say the form of shopping back now, and the buyer to share the Commission to get the flow and repeat customers, the effect is very good, more and more popular.

but I think this approach is not desirable, because it will lead to the demise of Taobao customers:

Who is the real benefit of

Taobao customers who is the buyer?. Taobao customers can be said to be exacerbated by the gap between the old seller and the new seller, so that the start of the new seller more difficult.

sellers to provide far more than the buyer’s demand for goods, but there are still a lot of people into the ranks of the seller. Buyers shopping value credibility, and now Taobao has stepped up efforts to combat the credibility of the brush, it is difficult to obtain a new seller reputation. A lot of people used to browse Taobao and might buy you a new seller. After the emergence of Taobao customers, due to the promotion of Taobao customers basically only the credibility of the high, while the market demand is limited, so the probability of the new seller’s goods are purchased smaller. A lot of people are full

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