Becheery push P product Jin fruit to create the explosion of a single product

Becheery push P product Jin fruit to create the explosion of a single product

March 5, 2017 uttpdooa 0

news October 12th, the day before, the electricity supplier becheery leisure snacks on the line a new "Jin fruit". The emergence of the product, marking the "pick fruit" after becheery and a IP single product launch.

According to

billion state power network to understand, in August this year, becheery launched the first IP single product "pick fruit". Since then, "pick fruit" for 18 days 1000W sales performance to occupy the industry first.

Cai Hongliang, founder of the Chinese herbal tea in the internal letter shortly before also said that the taste will continue to plant IP to create a single explosion. The launch of the "Jin becheery fruit" hit "everyone has a chance to live my life" slogan.

"nuts and dried fruit as meal snacks, not only the" Pan health ", we want to let consumers know that the products brought exactly what" becheery "is" fruit products responsible for that, with the diversification of life, healthy meal has become more and more people to pursue an important aspect of the quality of life.


is fruit" in the existing market on the basis of mixed nuts, collocation more raw fruit species, rich in all kinds of taste, and to meet the nutritional needs of different ratio of functional groups. According to becheery staff, the launch of the "Jin fruit" is divided into 3 series, and according to the different fruit ratio of the three kind of nutrition collocation method. Among them, the colorful nuts series flagship antioxidant and skin vitality, nuts series flagship fitness. In addition to these two, there are not yet listed smart nuts series, the nutritional composition is more suitable for heavy mental workers. At present, the line "is 7 bags of fruit", then will be on the line of 21 bags, more in line with the physiological cycle of nutrition diet.


becheery said, in the mobile Internet era, people in the diet will also benefit from the universal way of life "to the thousand faces" personalized lifestyle "advanced," Jin fruit "in advance to meet the people the pursuit of personalized needs.

from the product positioning, the audience is fruit is female dominated pan 90 (20 – 3). According to the introduction of becheery, which has established food C2B mode, and create a DMP data centers, which has twenty million members, was cut into 100 thousand groups of portraits of customers according to the needs of users, the rapid and intelligent, flat production orders, so as to achieve customized business.

becheery said, "launch hug fruit" marks, becheery declared IP single product era. Becheery launched second IP single product "is the continuation of the" pick fruit "fruit" naming, in packaging design, becheery benevolence benevolence configuration design of urban white-collar characters as the inner packaging, two dimensional style packaging design, smooth lines, more in line with the small taste.

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