What is the future electricity supplier look like

What is the future electricity supplier look like

March 5, 2017 qnbblzgg 0

small children’s shoes and high Xixi said such a sentence:

electricity supplier, and in a few years there will be no electricity supplier this concept, the electricity supplier of the whole country! Understand? As long as the business people are electricity supplier.

West to see the documentary "the Internet Age", wrote down such a sentence:

where you are, you are online; you are alone, you are still in the world!

West regrets:

do not pull any O2O, and that is the traditional Internet era play, now is the mobile Internet era, a mobile phone, everyone is always online…… Online and offline, really can be so clear it?

in those years, we were chasing the electricity supplier

electricity supplier 1 times. While the west is still in high school, 2008, dormitory brother (nickname: old rogue Rogue) on eBay (remember that the website of the foreign) bought a lighter, so the West envy, the auction price is one yuan RMB, then the freight is fifteen yuan, count down the price is acceptable.

electricity supplier 2 times. West is almost the first time to this time it! Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong and other large electronic business platform. Whether it is B2C or C2C, in fact, is a model: search brings traffic, online browsing products, orders, shipments, after a few days to see the goods received. Prior to the arrival of the goods, all the processes are actually completed online.

electricity supplier 2.1 times. WeChat electricity supplier, community model. The so-called Internet thinking, such as the very fire of the moon thinking moon cake, what Liu tao. Products must be, more attention to the social and sense of participation, a lot of tricks. In fact, in the west view, no matter how many tricks, people still need a mobile phone, the mobile phone is not a good mobile phone Caton forever, with rancid taste of moon cake how to play again also cannot enter the homes of ordinary people.

electricity supplier 3 times what is it?

A dream at


our store is a three-dimensional shop, we can see the three-dimensional products; Taobao store is placed in a two space shop, showing consumers in front of the picture and text.

to create a virtual society, similar to the game in World of Warcraft or Grand Theft Auto feeling. For the following description, please allow West to name it "second space". Second space layout all the arrangements in accordance with our physical world’s layout, residential, commercial, parks, streets, that is to say everything to the whole building online scanning physical world, including each product of each entity in the shops. Then everyone registered a ID role configuration, and then you can go shopping in this virtual world freely, want to go shopping in Beijing? Want to go shopping in Shenzhen? Want to go shopping in Hongkong? OK, click on the map, your role.

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