Business dissatisfaction with the new pat Commission Commission has not yet fulfilled cash flow

Business dissatisfaction with the new pat Commission Commission has not yet fulfilled cash flow

March 5, 2017 uttpdooa 0


] September 5th news billion state power network, the day before, pat Network announced, will begin in September for the B store (non personal shop) levy that is the technical service fee (commonly known as Koudian or commission). But the move has caused some businesses discontent, become a breakthrough in the mood to vent the business.

it is reported that most of the online shop pat B shop is transferred from the QQ online shopping. The Jingdong took over, pat Network is C2C mode, so do not involve koudian. The seller said, QQ online shopping clothing category of the deduction of 5%, and cash on delivery orders not to pay the Koudian platform.

an industry insider, previously, some businesses in the QQ online shopping platform with Tencent’s paid traffic system can guarantee a certain conversion rate, thereby obtaining certain benefits. But Jingdong took over, QQ online shopping businesses were forced to transfer. There are businesses in the choice of Tencent under the flow of the system to re sell online. Jingdong took over pat Network at the beginning of the show’s attitude of attention, but also to a lot of businesses also have high hopes for the new pat.

new pat at the beginning of the operation, but also promised to provide a large number of free flow of business, to support small businesses and the United states. But many businesses reflect, has been operating for more than two months of the new pat did not launch any specific follow-up policy. The pat Network in September to begin collecting Koudian news triggered the business this time accumulated resentment.

in fact, compared to other electronic business platform, the new pat Koudian is not high. The accessories category as an example, the new pat deduction 8%, Jingdong Koudian is 8%, Tmall Koudian was 5%, while’s Koudian level in 20% to 30%, related categories of the deduction in the 6% to 10%.

Most of the

pat Network merchant also acknowledged that the collection of Koudian business platform is a very common thing. But at the same time businesses also pointed out that the new pat since the B shop charges should be to improve the corresponding services, to provide more resources for businesses. In fact, now B shop and C shop policy is not different, the new pat did not provide us with more resources to support."

for such remarks, pat Network said it would provide better services for non personal sellers. At present, we have a number of non individual sellers dedicated to open promotional tools, the future will develop more platform for all sellers promotional tools. Pat Network may also launch flagship store search and other policies."

pat Network also introduced: "settled in September 1st before the seller still enjoy the flow of purchase 1:1 subsidy policy, that is to buy a copy of a subsidy. In addition, pat in the external platform will also put a lot of advertising, make full use of 100 search ranking, hand Q and wide for the competitive resources, follow-up will also introduce WeChat mobile terminal traffic."

but a businessman to view the background traffic data found that in recent months, the natural flow of shops accounted for the proportion but declined. The merchant pointed out that almost all businesses have to spend money to buy traffic will have a turnover, this

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