Founded more than 1 years soso Baba what the valuation of 100 million yuan

Founded more than 1 years soso Baba what the valuation of 100 million yuan

March 5, 2017 uttpdooa 0

At this year’s

Forbes China rich list, the top three are the tech industry, with Alibaba in the United States the successful listing, Ma to $19 billion 500 million worth of China became the richest man. Because of the huge potential of technology start-ups there, so has the value of venture capital fund, small and medium enterprises each unknown, are likely to grow rapidly for tomorrow’s technology giants. Create a year, science and technology start-ups ( to search Baba’s brand value reached 100 million yuan and the eyeball, hit a miracle in the history of science and technology.


just over a year’s time will search to Baba billion Yuan Science and technology enterprises in the teeth of the storm? The most convincing is the following figures: as the most competitive wholesale sourcing platform, currently has 5 enterprises soso Baba members, and membership is according to the trend of rapid development. Membership fees 1980/ calculation, the annual income of nearly billion yuan, is expected to return to multiple increments, to quickly verify its valuation of the market potential. Data show that every year, China’s small and medium enterprises B2B e-commerce online transaction scale has reached hundreds of billions of dollars, and an average annual growth rate of two digit growth. Among them, soso Baba wholesale sourcing platform for quality suppliers gathering technology, life, industry, services and other industries, and has convenient operation, preferential service, professional advantage in the emerging e-commerce sites in the market share are significantly ahead of other similar sites.

soso Baba is committed to creating a full range of wholesale sourcing platform for the small and medium-sized enterprises, website operation manager describes the great role platform to the image of journalists, "soso Baba always adhere to high quality service for the business philosophy, for suppliers, soso Baba gather many customers at home and abroad, shop design strong the search function and characteristics of the supplier talent shows itself in similar enterprises; at the same time, for buyers, soso Baba through strict security review procedures, strict, to help buyers choose high-quality suppliers, and tell you which is suitable for the quality of your potential suppliers. So professional and quality services, the need for strong teamwork and large data processing capabilities, is difficult to do other emerging electronic business platform."

a soso Baba purchaser said, before carrying out procurement is all over the country run, waste a lot of manpower and resources, are not satisfied with the procurement of products, and with soso Baba, not only save time, and price concessions, can greatly improve the efficiency and profit, hope more small enterprises to join the search Baba family, all work together, the establishment of micro business platform of small and medium-sized enterprises own.

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