Analysis of the electricity supplier to promote the solution of the error channel

Analysis of the electricity supplier to promote the solution of the error channel

March 5, 2017 upgypqbj 0

in the gourd blogger last article "the breakdown of the most common electricity supplier promotion three mistakes", is about the misunderstanding of current business platform are most common in the promotion process, so for these errors, the most important is to find solutions to improve. So how to develop the electricity supplier in the end of the promotion strategy is worth pondering.

one, different stages focus on different promotion methods

Common promotion methods for the electricity supplier with

search engine promotion (including keyword advertising and SEO), web site promotion, soft Wen promotion, Forum promotion, database marketing, website promotion and cooperation, CPS alliance promotion and social media marketing etc.. In the initial stage of the development of the site, suitable for promotion methods have search engine promotion, website promotion, BBS promotion. With the continuous improvement of the user experience, with various resources, reputation promotion, can increase the site closed rigid synchronous high, carry out social media marketing, looking for business products complementary implementation of joint promotion. The website has entered a stage of rapid development, has formed a certain scale, the brand has a certain reputation, can use the long tail resources advertising alliance, according to the CPS pay for broader coverage of information products. Different promotion methods focus on different stages, to a certain extent, can avoid the blind burn phenomenon, according to the different stages of development, development and profit matching promotion strategy.

two, to build a diversified integration of marketing

do electricity supplier to profit as the fundamental, do the purpose of promotion is to produce orders. All the promotion methods are based on the premise of effective, whether it is free or paid promotion means of promotion, should be taken into account to pay labor costs and the cost of capital, analyze and summarize the ROI attack rate of return. On the other hand, the promotion means should be diversified, single means will bring a lot of risk is dependent, such as search engine PPC, once Baidu to raise prices, so the promotion will become very changes, at the same time in order to avoid diversification or encounter intense competition, the more a single, homogeneous competition more fierce. Now all kinds of media advertising and auction, are soaring, if the electricity supplier can try different promotion methods, combined with their own products and team characteristics, make some innovation, can integrate a differentiated promotion plan. In the face of competition, not so passive.

three, to seize the social media, focusing on word of mouth

word of mouth is the user know shopping website is the most critical factor, the recommendation of friends and family to become the main reason users try shopping, Internet shopping sites know most is by way of the people around, this proportion can reach 50%, electricity providers use social media for marketing is very meaningful, because it you can direct contact with the user, at the same time into the user’s real network, through the ear mouth, produce benefits at low cost. At the same time pay attention to word of mouth, is the growth of the electricity supplier

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