Ali set up a new business division of the next four focus

Ali set up a new business division of the next four focus

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] December 30th news billion state power network, according billion state power network understanding, Alibaba group set up a new business division, the person in charge of Zhang Kuo, and staff in the Department of communication, the future development of business department announced four new focal point.


Ali business division head Zhang wide

Zhang Kuo said that with the accelerated development of new retail businesses, changing business needs to embrace the flow of dividends dividends to the customer, from the pursuit of business flow to improve business efficiency, end customer experience and operational efficiency. Around the core business can be targeted, the business division will focus on the following four directions:


business layering and force direction

first, the wireless upgrade to develop more mobile client service tools

Taobao in the past more than and 10 years, to build a business and service provider ecosystem, the ecosystem is open. When in 2013, the electricity supplier industry began to march into the mobile era, before our abundant accumulation of ecology, "back to the night before liberation."." Zhang bluntly, all businesses can do, just to play all the way to the PC side of the wireless side, see the end of the mobile terminal traffic growth, trading in the increase, but no way to start operations. After two years of efforts, the wireless terminal business operators have improved, carry out the wireless side of the relevant businesses to be able to, launched a wireless terminal shop, micro Amoy, details, interactive products such as sale."

Zhang tune, from the entire ecosystem, a large proportion of the entire service market revenue comes from the PC side services. "Our entire ecosystem has not kept up with the big wireless trend, which is the first thing we need to do."

, Taobao, Tmall and other mobile phone want several up front desk will and service market system, to release more space for business operations. At the same time, the service market in kn operating platform, open platform, TEA, and other products are also poly spire need to be changed, to undertake large-scale migration over the wireless service provider for wireless upgrade.

second, data enabled businesses: from traffic bonus to customer bonus

Zhang Kuo introduction, in 2015, the double 11 due to the main venue of thousands of thousands of face display mode, so that the venue of the user’s loss rate dropped significantly, showing the power of Personalization Based on big data.

in the future, in addition to data enabled platform, Ali ecological system in the various parts of the data to be able to grant businesses.

According to

billion state power network to understand, there are more than 100 million users log in hand wash every day, these users will connect in wireless traffic capillaries and businesses. These capillaries, including micro Amoy baby details, shops, shopping cart, etc. want.

"business division needs to think about the contact points of all businesses and users"

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