The traditional enterprises will not be coerced to flood the nternet

The traditional enterprises will not be coerced to flood the nternet

March 5, 2017 ubkfoqkq 0


topic nowadays often talk about the Internet, and light enterprises.

Compared with the traditional

light enterprises, enterprises especially the manufacturing enterprise structure bloated, management difficulties, and difficult to transition in a short period of time, but this is a problem, if not the manufacturing industry, how to realize the Internet Light Company downstream of the integration of industrial chain based on? Skin the hair stand attached? So, Ren Zhengfei said: the traditional Internet giant is not flood coerced, in fact, the traditional enterprise has not come to an end.

figures are likely to think if everyone to engage in the Internet, traditional enterprises who engage in? This logic is impossible, no manufacturing industry, the social order will be stalled, how is this possible? Even know there will be such a logic, but the enterprise with the line the line has always been an insurmountable gap, the majority of enterprises are optimistic about the Internet, but they do not trust the Internet, this is a matter of principle.

The enterprise

line on the network are terrified? The top ten U.S. shopping site, only 2 are pure Internet companies, the other is the traditional enterprise, this line of business to see how? So, this sentence can be summed up as, traditional companies do not have the Internet thinking, as long as can use the Internet to do ok. Explain, is the use of the Internet to achieve product marketing, said here is not simply for marketing, network marketing, this is the two concepts, and some is simple, you can be understood as a mall online direct sales of your products.

well, here also mentioned the Internet thinking, are now in talking about the Internet thinking, there is a flat quick argument, in the content of this paper, it is the beginning of the article mentioned in the light of enterprise, such problems again, how could the enterprise manufacturing bloated traditional do these? Is attractive bet some people fall into a reverie.

Wang Jianlin and Ma bet, Dong Mingzhu and Lei Jun bet, there may be more to bet the future, no matter the bet is not in the other speculation, or is really from the heart of the field of thinking, these highfalutin we just one show, SHOW TIME later, all the living, the Zha Zha the suspicion and comments are from the private sector, with the middle part of the hype, what they want is making such a continuing influence, and finally give a conjecture by mass Jin court statement, the time for a sentence: "a joke".

can you see in the eyes of the public, focusing all synthesizer to talk about how traditional enterprise OCS, pure Internet companies are already in the layout of the line of development, lack of the Internet enterprise development the most fatal flaw is the industry chain, so the platform began to play the ecological, or large enterprise mergers and acquisitions the integration of resources, or they fill the incomplete ring, so you can see the Jingdong in recent years in spare no effort to engage in logistics, can see Internet banking continues to expand to the next line, can see all kinds of Internet.

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