The scramble for resources grab price war thunder merchants separation to deal with the electricity

The scramble for resources grab price war thunder merchants separation to deal with the electricity

March 5, 2017 uttpdooa 0

Beijing daily news (reporter Wang Cuiyi) into June, but also to the most exciting moment in a year electricity supplier. Each afternoon on micro-blog, Jingdong and, respectively to "do" and "don’t panic" launched promotional posters. Yi Xun network and Le bee network also to "stop" series followed. In the face of a war at the same time, the battle for resources of large electricity providers in private is more intense. Because of which business platform does not dare to offend, some businesses registered two companies in "one of two" requirements, use the "egg yolk" to break from the electricity supplier.

yesterday, vice president of Jingdong mall Kui Ying Chun said that a competitor for the third party merchants "one of two". Jingdong responsible person also acknowledged that the recent succession of suppliers and sellers receive feedback, requirements of a large platform "one of two": if you do not withdraw from the Jingdong’s anniversary month promotional activities, will not be able to participate in the promotional activities.

, in fact, require the seller to stand is not the first time in the industry last year, "double 11" during a similar incident had occurred. Because of the experience, many sellers have a strategy. According to an insider, many small and medium-sized businesses in order to deal with large electricity supplier brand "one of two", in the last year "double 11" started to prepare for and take the initiative to the separation of registered companies, which will separate business business. But there are drawbacks to this model. Under normal circumstances, the registration of two companies is limited to small sellers, there are high visibility of the big brands are difficult to use. Therefore, this part of the big sellers need to make a choice between two large electricity supplier".

industry insiders believe that, from the perspective of benign development of the industry, the more platform to participate in the competition will give consumers more choices, the price of water will be smaller. If the "one of two" behavior to be performed in the industry, from the industry perspective, the larger the electricity supplier may gradually form a monopoly, will not only affect the settled platform business interests, will ultimately harm the interests of consumers.

regardless of the level of competition is not long ago, the speed of life and death, but also staged a battle for the business resources of the merchant, indicating that the competition between large electricity providers tend to white hot. Beijing Chinese commercial news reporter noted that, in fact, from the beginning of 5, the electricity supplier will continue to break the price war in June preheat. Recently, Jingdong chief marketing officer Lanye internal mail exposure; Suning in June will focus on the introduction of heavy promotional activities of the "second half" messages have been exposed.

Jingdong and micro-blog each other suddenly in the afternoon, were launched to "do" and "don’t panic" promotional theme, attracted a lot of attention. Easy fast network, Le bee network peers followed. Always challenge the Jingdong easy fast network announced that from June 8th -30 launched awards "price report" activities, during this period, such as the discovery of fast and easy net price higher than the Jingdong, easy fast network will not only price, but also give consumers reward. Cosmetics also said it will spend 300 million yuan stock, joined Jingdong "6· 18 anniversary" promotions.

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