Huang Cong soft Wen marketing in e commerce position

Huang Cong soft Wen marketing in e commerce position

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introduction: Marketing in electronic commerce circle is also a shining role, but many people misinterpret the marketing intention, that is just a simple marketing chain, or hype, in fact. In this paper, the author will explain the status of soft marketing in e-commerce, and how to do a good job marketing soft.

soft nature of

soft is the essence of education consumers, brand publicity.

only can affect consumers, so that consumers feel meaningful, and you are willing to, word of mouth is the success of marketing.

soft marketing position

soft marketing in the eyes of many SEOer is to do with the chain, in fact, otherwise. A good soft Wen marketing is to win the target flow, through the soft Wen marketing, your products are interested in the audience to take the initiative to understand your product, and find you, and ultimately to achieve a deal. The most important thing is that these are the most accurate flow, soft marketing in the field of e-commerce market development.

how to write soft Wen

1, the content of soft Wen must be closely related to their products. A lot of people to write text and to write text, and take some of their products not related to the content of writing, and then abruptly add their own product advertising, this is undoubtedly directly to tell the reader that I’m in advertising.

2, the use of pictures and videos. The advantages of the Internet is to add vivid pictures and videos to your soft aid, insert your product details in the soft light, or put on a carefully designed video, definitely makes you soft Wen plus a lot of points.

3, small, easy to understand. Write soft paper is not to write, must not let the reader to your article lose patience, general soft Wen to maintain in the 1000 words, try not to appear professional terminology, in the form of vernacular writing.

marketing is used properly, can make a product or brand national well-known overnight. Even a company specializing in marketing, how to make good use of marketing, it is every enterprise should think about the problem, if only a few million dollars to make a case for marketing, brand awareness, rather than hard advertising is more suitable for


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