Cctv com make electric burn or make money

Cctv com make electric burn or make money

March 5, 2017 tbdwgekl 0 began to engage in electricity providers, if CCTV announced a high-profile case, it will cause the market shock, but the CCTV is relatively low-key, even the news exposure allows third party platform to do, which illustrates the business plan low-key surprised people, it is low-key with the release of a mobile Jego in a similar copy, but when we look at found time to carry out electricity supplier has electricity supplier in April of this year has already begun.

when others have quit, CCTV network came in

How many flow, and no good to statistics, but can make it clear that the user traffic is not a lot, but these users can be converted into electricity users that can make nothing of it, of course, the core of plan is to build electricity supplier genuine, against counterfeit goods, it may the development of the electricity supplier is put forward according to the current situation of the Jingdong, Tmall and other business platform fake businesses lvjinbujue the strategy, but to can achieve this? This is also worth wondering where consumers.

when the current electricity supplier industry suffered a bottleneck when suddenly, killed in the industry really point beyond all expectations but if you see last year, Taobao Tmall sales in a single day about 10000000000 news events from CCTV news anchor, we kind of surprised tone could see seems to have entered the electricity supplier industry to add on huge source of traffic, and customer resources, especially with generous financial support. Build an electronic business platform is not difficult!

burn electricity supplier can also earn money

is now operating the electricity supplier first have a advanced logistics system, but it is certainly not, indicating that from the beginning will fall into a passive, the development of logistics system of business platform can make use of the third party, but the taste of heteronomy will not feel better, but from CCTV in advertising the cost for the partners to give certain concessions, so as to enhance the degree of close.

but for the most difficult is the flow of business transformation, to know the Alibaba in order to enhance Taobao’s traffic sources, the annual investment funds are more than 100 million yuan, although CCTV is not bad money, but can be used to business platform of investment and an unknown number, after all, a lot of money is a very early it is unbearable, coupled with the CCTV system, similar to the possibility of moving but is not.

but CCTV has a rich business resources, from the perspective of investment exposure conditions, service fee is not low, it is willing to invest in businesses, whether is a huge problem, unless can use CCTV resources, can be slightly in advertising and advertising exposure time adjustment, thereby increasing the attraction of these businesses. In this way, CCTV CCTV network has become a subsidy, then these two

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