Ali the electricity supplier red three squirrels fresh fruit is easy to counter offensive line

Ali the electricity supplier red three squirrels fresh fruit is easy to counter offensive line

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The value of

offline retail outlets is being revalued by



from WeChat public number retail boss reference (ID:lslb168)

consumer upgrades, the retail industry is in a critical period of transition. One side is the store closed shop boom continued, one side is the electricity supplier retail enterprises "counterattack" layout of the line of business.

from the Alibaba investment Suning, silver shares and Sanjiang shares, the electricity supplier "net red" three squirrels "announced to the electricity supplier" the layout of the store, easy to move the line of fresh fruit counter, show that the retail line value is revaluation.

"counterattack" line

"retail boss reference" noted that the Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Lianhua supermarket, Lianhua Supermarket") before the date of announcement, Yonghui supermarket in December 23rd and the Shanghai Agel Ecommerce Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Yi Yi fruit fresh fruit") entered into a share transfer agreement, the transfer of all its holdings of 21.17% shares of Lianhua supermarket, the transfer price of about 850 million yuan. The stake Yonghui supermarket acquired in September 2015, was equivalent to about 751 million yuan.


this is easy to get fresh Suning store, once again under the layout of the traditional offline channels, intended to enter the fresh O2O market. Because behind easy fruit fresh and Alibaba, behind the Lianhua Supermarket Bailian Group, making the deal of concern.

in the "fruit" to offer a day later on December 24th, intime and Ali also opened a new store to get through online and offline — "life anthology", the new flagship retail under the concept of life aesthetics. In the Christmas Eve opening day life anthology, is located in Hangzhou intime martial arts headquarters, covers an area of 1200 square meters, is divided into three major areas: customer experience area, the scene display area and merchandise selection area.

since last year to 28 billion 300 million strategic investment Suning, in June this year to become the largest shareholder intime, Ali layout of the online retail industry concern. In November of this year, Alibaba once again shot, the tentacles extend to the entity under the line super, becoming the second largest shareholder of Sanjiang shopping.

and earlier in September 30th, as the Taobao brand, net red on behalf of the first store in Wuhu, three squirrels opened in Anhui.

"retail boss reference" access to the data found that this year "double 11", three squirrels sales of more than 500 million, among the whole network seventh, and HUAWEI, UNIQLO ranked first echelon.

however, according to the three loose planning, the next five years, the three squirrels will go electricity supplier".

three squirrels opened in Anhui Wuhu the first feeding shop area of 300 square meters, the function is not to sell products, most of which is a leisure area, in the region inside the Internet, singing.

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