Cottage Zappos is also a shortcut to B2C E commerce

Cottage Zappos is also a shortcut to B2C E commerce

March 5, 2017 sdikdwvy 0

takes Zappos as an example, explains how to build the core competitiveness of the store, get a bigger market and better development. Subsequently, marine science and technology found a domestic B2C e-commerce website "tomato tree" every little bit copy of the Zappos: pleasant online shopping experience, rich product information, company staff blog and the low price strategy, of course, they sell products are shoes.

tomato tree is a truly young e-commerce company, was formally established in March 29th this year, it is the team after 85, its founder Huang Xiuyuan is a graduate of this year’s College students. In Huang Xiuyuan blog wrote on his Zappos reverence, the online retailer is the industry benchmark, occupy the network footwear market of about 30% of the United States, and it had been acquired by Amazon for $847 million. Zappos it to a series of legendary service concept for their reputation, many Americans love to choose their own shoes on the site, then try to not satisfied and then returned to Zappos because it is completely free.

"tomato tree" is doing something similar to Zappos. Open "tomato tree" website after striking "is not satisfied with the free shipping + refund" ads, Nike, Adidas, moving here to sell CONVERSE, Crocs and other brands of casual shoes, the product style is about 1500, the price is 6 to 20 percent off counter price. For unsatisfactory products, customers can choose to return within 7 days of free.

of course, the new company also faced with lots of rivals, including the tiger Sports Forum contribution a lot of views "calories", founded by former executives of Baidu’s "Le Amoy family", and "Cosize (cool thioxane), Okaybuy (best buy)". What we see is that it’s hard to get the full advantage of the price and variety.

fortunately, the site also did not want the price to compete with competitors, as Zappos has always focused on the shopping experience, "tomato tree" will position itself in the "Web 2", to dig out more value shoes sell on the website, and this is also the value of product design based on user experience the. The first 3 months of the site set up, all the energy is used to improve the website design, and strive to develop their own fresh and simple page, customer service system Ftalk, according to customer preferences and replace the function of personalized home page.

in the last 3 months, "tomato tree" the number of user growth remained above 100%, even 350% best month, while browsing the tomato tree the majority of people will pay attention to some of the high-end design website, including many websites, obviously, "tomato tree" has successfully attracted particular part people will likely have a number of high-end sites in customers, unique product design also won the first venture capital for the web site.

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