Taobao online Taobao students eroded the field of education electricity supplier

Taobao online Taobao students eroded the field of education electricity supplier

March 5, 2017 lejlgizx 0

Two days before

, officially launched the "Taobao" students, as early as July 8, 2013, Taobao official revealed in the recent launch of Taobao may be called "students" educational channel, has seemed to educational field of electricity providers to enter, "mixed mode" platform Taobao classmates go 2B+2C, earlier Taobao on the line Taobao e-book bookstore, to the electricity supplier in the field of challenge. In recent years action analysis, has penetrated into all fields of electronic commerce, in Chinese really well-known business platform so few,, Jingdong mall, pat network. Basically we will choose online shopping this three in one, according to their own a little experience, Taobao online merchandise most, but before the there are many fakes, then Taobao launched Tmall, to a certain extent, to curb the sale of counterfeits sellers, few Jingdong mall to buy things, not enough supply of as for, pat Network, Tencent’s shopping site, and QQ connect and all members of QQ there is a discount.

again, why enter the field of education? In fact, whether the Internet or in real life, we all know education industry is making money, that is to say the profit is relatively large, similar to the medical industry, the weight-loss industry. Therefore the target selection for the education industry, is very wise, in the "Taobao" on the students could sell some materials, such as video, online education has become a huge electricity supplier market, there are a lot of free learning sites on the Internet, but the real electricity supplier site seems to have no education, in this market will make a big, there is so much traffic every day, put the flow into order is the kingly way. We can imagine that in the future Taobao will penetrate into various fields. Well, I have two comments on the "Taobao" class:

first point: tutorial material prices and quality

There are many free video tutorials and materials

online, but so many tutorial material most of the quality is not high, since it is free don’t expect any good, Taobao classmates online, is to provide a good platform, the institutions, teachers, tutorials and other resources integration, but these resources there are difference. If some tutorial is copied and pasted over others, then certainly not in the Taobao sold on, therefore should pay attention to the course quality, eliminate those junk text tutorials, video tutorials, so as not to be deceived buyers, the past is too many fake In addition, the personal feeling of educational products than other physical products must be strictly audit, because other things even if the quality of a problem, most of the time do not affect the use of textbooks, but those things like is not the same, for example: I want to buy programmers books, but long ago bought the tutorial, it affects much of my learning the language.

second points: certification of training institutions

when it comes to training institutions will make people scared, such as life.

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