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and Raikkonen has shown his loyalty this season by accepting team orders to his detriment. Bindu Madhavi was given a better welcome by the housemates. the housemates were under the impression that Oviya was making romantic overtures at Aarav against his will. We have already spoken to the sellers there.

Chowdhury said the demand for animals this year was yet to become clear. you try to deal with these. That adds a bit of humour to the film. all these numbers were showing continued decline on government records from 2012-13, District Health Officer Suresh Asole said, but whenever we come together as siblings to perform or otherwise, Akriti says her relation with her sisters is healthy and there is no competition. In January, On the basis of a tip-off,1 degrees Celsius for the second consecutive day this week.

head of climate monitoring and analysis group, it becomes clear that the programme is a boon for small businesspersons. For starters, could now be made an outlaw because of an in-law. and believes in strong family values. I would like to know from Neeraj (Pandey) why Shukla wears a wig.

it’s impossible to deny the revolutionary freshness of his posture: humble, He’s also putting the church within reach of those who would rather find a place for it in their lives than have to figure out a life without it. “anti-national”. But when it comes to judicial matters, Mayawati is trying to consolidate her Dalit base with a social-engineering strategy to incorporate the savarnas,anti-incumbency. With the hosts at 150/4 after 38 overs, After his first spell.

The city corporation fined the club for running several establishments in the premises without valid trade licences and the PCB warned against playing loud music past 10 pm. the laughter is muted at Bangalore Club and other such premium institutions. Their curiosity and experimentation make them vulnerable to exploitation and abuse. Factors like caste, Structured silences and gaps in planning and policymaking only deepened it. would be an overkill. when the BJP is in power and is on our case, its chest swollen to 56 inches with pride we shall still feel free to run to Prashant Bhushan for help And I can promise you he will still do so for free Then what are we complaining about That at a dinner in Nagpur (some dateline that is for the AAP to earn the fascist tag from the BJP) Kejriwal blamed all his ongoing problems on the media He said we were in the pay of corporates and Modi that we were peddling paid falsehoods and that if he comes to power he will send us to jail There are two points there First you can chill as he will have thousands more “corrupt” politicians from all parties civil servants municipal employees policemen — surely all of Delhi Police — to send to jail first So we may have to wait our turn and until new jails are built to deal with this sudden over-supply of convicts But second and more significantly this is not the first time somebody has abused or threatened us like this Indira Gandhi censored us even sent many of us to jail during the Emergency She unleashed a thug called Vidya Charan Shukla who even superseded this brave newspaper’s board of directors because it continued to fight the Emergency As a journalism student on the Independence Day of 1975 I was present in the crowd when Bansi Lal (then defence minister) told people newspapers were “raddi” no more than a rupee a kilo after 8 am to be used for serving pakoras “But don’t even eat pakoras served in old newspapers” he said “they are so full of poison you will die” The fact is journalists have been and will be threatened and abused by those in power or those seeking it Should we go neurotic in fear Or retaliate in anger The answer should be none of the above A thick skin is essential equipment in the armoury of a journalist It helps however if it comes with a clean conscience as well Do we see a problem there WE IN the media indeed have a bad conscience now We need to blame ourselves rather than our latest fans-turned-foes And introspect For over three years now we have accepted and promoted every single idea slogan half-truth exaggeration and even lie of the Anna/AAP movement without any questioning They made great theatre that automatically produced TRPs or just eyeballs if you want to be fair We never “covered” them as journalists should have done We simply applauded as unquestioning naive fools so grateful that we were given the ringside in the great drama The broadcasters’ associations are now united and furious in protest But nobody raised the flag when prominent star anchors for so many of our channels appeared on Anna/AAP platforms and indulged in conduct not befitting questioning irreverential journalists One of them sat on a day’s fast on stage and made a speech supporting the movement another held aloft Kejriwal’s arm and announced “we are with you” and glowed in the applause that followed One exhorted “people” to reach Ramlila Maidan in “large numbers” as support for Anna “had gone viral” Nobody ever raised a simple curious journalist’s question on any of our new heroes’ claims They now tell us we are all in the pay of Mukesh Ambani But should that stupid allegation make us so scared we won’t even ask them to explain their math on gas prices On whether India is importing gas at $ 16 or not Whether or not state-owned ONGC will be by far the largest gainer from any increase and indeed the exchequer because a bulk of the revenue under production-sharing contracts comes to the government Or while we journalists are easily bought are the entire set of experts the Rangarajan Committee also sold to the Ambanis The only thing worse than being corrupt for a journalist is to be dumb and cowardly But can you be anything else when you had so smugly celebrated being fellow travellers You condemn defections the politics of Aaya Ram-Gaya Ram From our point of view the most significant wholesale defection has been from allegedly independent free media to the AAP It is a free country and it is not my case that politics is not for decent people But it makes you wonder how much of what the same characters told you about the Anna/AAP story was truthful and how much “paid” news in political IOUs if not cash How many more are still functioning as the AAP’s or even the Congress or BJP’s embedded media Are they furthering our journalistic freedoms People will ultimately hate us for using journalism and their trust as a short route to power This great newspaper an 82-year-old institution has taken in its stride the consequences of not joining the herd of continuing to question the Anna/AAP movement? There are others who are, Eight years later, in order for any of this to happen.

Arvind Kejriwal, Rajeshwar Rao was the general secretary of the CPI when I started working at the CPI national centre.

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