2013 Shanghai Shanghai dragon love website ranking key optimization analysis

2013 Shanghai Shanghai dragon love website ranking key optimization analysis

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station in Shanghai Dragon: legend shows the main statistics page content structure for the influence of the rankings, or in the past to rely on the poor collection site itself weight established role in the chain is rapidly declining. The main content of current through the polymerization type composition >

The optimized "

5, the reverse link the ranking of the site is still among the best.

3, "user recommendation mechanism" the influence of the rankings grow exponentially.

8, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform strong launch, the establishment of effective fire complaints and refused to link channel.

2013 love Shanghai Shanghai Longfeng site:

2, the current search engine algorithm seems Nothing is right. in "brand effect".

With statistical optimization factors of The effect of


4, a high quality web content is still very important.

On the key factors of The establishment of

  2013 rankings total in a test of the webmaster’s mental capacity, by the "green -> algorithm; -> algorithm 2.0-> algorithm pomegranate; green; spark plan to update and improve the experience. At present, Shanghai dragon IDE search Italy consultant through operating experience of dozens of projects in Shanghai dragon website, relevant factors will influence the recent love Shanghai website ranking of the contrast with the pseudo original arrangement.

recently Shanghai Longfeng station optimization ranking factor analysis:

1, compared to previous years, this year according to the structure of the external links the more stringent review.

reference index ranked in the following illustration shows, use the Chinaz compiler from Searchmetrics for Google search ranking analysis data, have in common with the search engine ranking system, so we especially for the content of local legend data processing, in order to assist love Shanghai Shanghai Longfeng ER better ranking analysis and improve the search experience.

2013 love Shanghai Shanghai dragon website ranking key:

7, aggregation content integration realization way is to replace the Shanghai dragon pseudo original content inferior.

9, love Shanghai search trust mechanism, is standardized and most inferior filter Shanghai dragon ranking.

, 6 station Shanghai dragon are search engine for the friendly pages of technical support.

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