Analysis of key factors influencing the fluctuation of keywords ranking and Solutions

Analysis of key factors influencing the fluctuation of keywords ranking and Solutions

November 29, 2017 qwmzqibw 0

second, the content of the website quality reading experience. Our Shanghai dragon personnel in the process of optimized website, the content of factors is crucial, why? First of all, the content of the website is search engine included, but also the user through the search word search directly into web search engine in the pathway, we can think about it every day, the spider grab a lot of pages. After the capture of these pages also makes a detailed analysis of what "original degree is high, which" quality is low, they are sure to make accurate judgments, some copy paste, is not conducive to the user experience ", through the search engine mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore will be shut out, articles are not included rankings can be stable even if some? The copy of the temporary escape, lucky to be included, intelligent search engine in the process of continuous assessment and analysis in two The process of screening even more audit will be cleaned up again, a lot of this is some of my friends in the beginning included, once love Shanghai often causes a big update included down the bottom. We analyze from the user, the user is the foundation of sustainable development to our website, whether it is to sell products, do traffic is to users as a basis, to the user’s mental organization website tone and collocation, which is usually referred to the user experience, after the user enters the site, see some copy paste worthless articles, these articles may be only to be included, perhaps just to get the long tail words, but I think it is.

as everyone knows, website operation optimization, improve the site weight and ranking is the focus of every Shanghai Longfeng people constantly research and attention, through the efforts of ranking perhaps to the effect we want, the next task is more go15, Dajiangshan difficult, more difficult to take the country known these things, how to analyze the website keywords ranking volatility, stable website ranking and weight? Today I and everyone to learn about key factors analysis of keywords ranking fluctuations.

first, the web server factors. The server is like a house, a weak foundation ranking will naturally appear larger floating, the search engine spiders every day will be fixed to grab the site in this process is also constantly on the site test and examination, once the server downtime will cause the spider access is blocked, the image a bit like a traffic jam, to for easy access, will undoubtedly make the website search engine to give up on the web links to crawl, if the server often downtime, certainly will cause serious influence on the website weight, website ranking is down, or floating are as can be imagined. So I suggest that in the beginning of the establishment of the website must pay attention to the choice of credibility is relatively high, relatively stable space business as the basis, not because of the low price and so on some of the early lead site in the rankings after the temptation, the space that the site downtime, greater volatility for users and their own website in search engine. Performance is a benefit without harm. I hope you care for.

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