mprove the site conversion rate analysis and improvement from which aspects

mprove the site conversion rate analysis and improvement from which aspects

September 16, 2017 ckrekbra 0

furthermore, art is just a good image, a concept I love Du Zijian teacher put very, each browse on the Internet are readers, and the person in charge of each website is an editor. So to have a good content, of course, for the enterprise website is not to write your content more attractive, like Taobao did not copy God, this is necessary. I mean you have to understand the needs of users, the user.


second, we pick the most valuable traffic, second users will come to our website, there have been a personal feeling is the site of the artists do well can greatly improve product quality. As a product packaging is very beautiful and we naturally think of all the aspects of the price of this product quality should be very good, but the art is to the site to do the packaging. I often go shopping in Tmall, often heard people say the actual situation picture and the product is not the same, was a little lost. In fact, that’s right, because I too admire Tmall art shop, we see a very exciting. I often lamented some websites sell a few thousand dollars or even tens of thousands of dollars of art products, but do not sell tens of dollars if a clothing designer, you are sorry you such a good product? So the second step is to do a website, this is a video of the times.

analysis we preferred from top to bottom, so the first flow from the quality analysis, we know the different platform to introduce traffic cost is not the same, the quality is not the same, such as network price is very cheap, the quality is very low, the transformation has natural defect transformation rate than the low price to. Our website conversion rate to enhance the choice to start from the flow quality, we look at the structure of flow is how, we only talk about search marketing, not other promotion. We know that although belong to the auction, but each keyword bid is not the same, such as lampblack purifier picture or fume purifier such word principle value is very low, the user needs is not to buy oil fume purifier, so the low conversion rate is normal. For example, users search for fume purifier price or brand word Keyi fume purifier price, this kind of words will be very high. Keywords so we need to find more value, improve the quality of traffic to the site is the first step.

whether it is Shanghai or Phoenix auction mission is the product sold by Shanghai dragon to keywords ranking do up let site traffic is not our purpose, because of our small and medium-sized enterprise website profit pattern is not advertising alliance. Attracted traffic is of no use, the key is to put these into cash flow, improve site traffic bid for people who are generally not what problem, but the mention of this transformation many people can not think of a way to catch. I am Shanghai Longfeng do before, now do the bidding is more than a year, on improving the conversion rate that I also have a lot of research and thinking and practice, today we talk about how to optimize the site to improve conversion rate.

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