The website is the website weight details introduced fast recovery after K

The website is the website weight details introduced fast recovery after K

September 16, 2017 tbdwgekl 0

hope! by K

, a website for a stable space, ensure the site at any time will be unable to open

1, website open speed too slow.

– the first to find the site was K, from the analysis of the causes, focusing on the details of

this is the website was a few reasons K, if the site does not appear above the problem, then the site would not be K, of course, if there is accidental K phenomenon, then do not worry, in a few days will restore.

4, the content of the website more than half of all copies of the content.


2, the website often cannot access the phenomenon.

Since the

choose a stable space that is very important, first I just bought a cheap, do not know where the space service providers, but to tell the truth, the space is ok. In addition to the site space, the space cannot be handled in time, or not contact people outside, not what other big problem! And according to the site space business presents a normal web site should have backup space, space to prevent existing problems, timely transfer to the spare space. What? The spare space transfer, spare space IP sure and the existing space of the IP, and the website frequently.

Ji’nan website official website is K, the website is a sharp decline in weight, although the home has been restored, but the weight of the site has gone off the main keyword. Is K before the word Ji’nan website or the top three fluctuate. Since the K website after a recovery has been ranked seventh in the position, did not have a little rise, what is a headache. Here we introduce the website by K after doing what operations can make web page recovery, although the weight is not up, but the recovery is

5, website source code has been illegally tampered, horse, or the emergence of a large number of advertising.

through the above analysis, found that Ji’nan website construction of this website only problem is second, some time ago due to the construction site in Ji’nan is to maintain the original space of the website server is said, and maintenance of maintenance, maintenance, but they are unable to access the website has chosen to make over a period of time. This period of time is not generally long, according to my statistics about 36 hours, more than a day’s time, has been unable to access the site, the site was K as can be imagined, belongs to the normal phenomenon. Since found is the cause of the K, then we start from the problem and solve the problem.

3, website keyword accumulation seriously.

sometimes, our website is K, do not know why this situation. First of all we should understand that the site is K, only the site internal problems will be search engine K off. The content of the website including the problem.

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