How to improve the website column page the article page ranking

How to improve the website column page the article page ranking

September 16, 2017 bzdhfkjy 0

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generally, we are the site of the highest page weight is the home page, after all we usually in exchange Links or write soft hang URL submission is our home page address. As a result, the website has a lot of import links, so the weight will become our home page page is much higher than other. But the weight of the article page column page and how to improve it, but not so easy to get.

how to improve the column page rankings? This is a lot of Shanghai dragon ER are after the problem, and can implement it is no more than several. Also, the article page ranking is the same, but many people have overlooked this point, the quality that if high ranking will be good, in fact, there is a more important factor, it is reasonable within the site chain play a role.

in the list of pages (in general is column page) to check and see if there is a redundant link. Here the redundant links about that is not essential link, the concrete is about to see what’s on your web site. Now the site uses web site structure is a tree structure (to search engine optimization), and weight of love Shanghai is given along the home page to column page to the relevant article page. Imagine your column page if outbound links many words, weight can be very serious scattered, the final weight so your article page that is obtained by the inside pages will become very low. The natural column page and the article page ranking is not good to go.

and for the weight of the dispersion problem, no column page so badly, after all, for the average website >

is not so easy to get, he said I am familiar with the several methods, communicate with.

if the column page links don’t want to withdraw some of the words, we can control through hyperlinks nofollow attribute weight of. The suggestion here is that the column A page and column B page is the main navigation exists on the line, the other is the nature of the Internet directly don’t do it. The aim is to keep home to the weight, and then transferred to the page. There is a increasing weight method, that is to get through the exchange of Links, generally we exchange is the home page, but if your temporary home was fairly stable, try to give your column page swap, but must be related to it has a good effect.

as to how to improve the article page ranking problem, and similar methods to improve the weights of the column page, also is the weight in order to retain their website transfer. For the first update article, why do you want to add a pointer to the home page links in the home, many friends said that in order to enhance the home page specified keywords ranking, actually the author feel more important, so can make love in this link Shanghai spider crawling this article to see, to guide him back to the site the home page to search information in order to achieve the effect of increasing included.

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