Love love Shanghai to protect the interests of users in Shanghai to promote the upgrade

Love love Shanghai to protect the interests of users in Shanghai to promote the upgrade

September 16, 2017 sdikdwvy 0

?Plan to protect the interests of users of

love Shanghai promotion why should protect the interests of users of


what is the plan to protect the interests of users of

on the one hand, Shanghai as the largest Chinese love Chinese search engine, every day to love Shanghai search for information users more and more, and as a love of Shanghai’s commercial products — love Shanghai, love Shanghai may be due to too many agents, for customer audit is not strict, resulting in too much deception consumer sites also appeared in Shanghai to promote the results of love, the most common is the promotion of medical information, love Shanghai SME customers too much, there will be a lax audit situation. Love Shanghai and users in the search for information, often recently cheated phenomenon, there are people in Shanghai say false advertising complaints of love, too much, in order to meet the aspirations of consumers love, Shanghai had to the countermeasures.

on the other hand, we also see that since last year’s 3B war, the search market love Shanghai more a competitor recently launched 360360 bidding, clearly not pharmaceutical advertising promotion, and a few months before the doctor and on-line search, so that users in search of medical information is assured of results. 360 this change let love Shanghai has its own pressure, although their number of users, but if you do not change the results as can be imagined. 360>

is in love with love for the sea of Shanghai to promote the products for users to search relevant information to promote the love of Shanghai security. I understand that, when the user in the sea with online or offline transactions and business promotion information search, if found to be deceived, can provide relevant evidence to love Shanghai, apply for protection of rights and interests. Love the sea will be the first time to review the website promotion information, confirm the evidence, will give users the highest security Xianhengpeifu gold 5000 yuan. The general procedure for application security – security login, users get accepted — Security, three steps, here security center to receive 5 working days, during a period of 5 working days, love Shanghai staff will review and handle your complaint. Then according to the related information security results are given.



this is the love of Shanghai and change the protection of Internet users’ rights. According to the latest news: on May 8th, the Ministry of justice, China love Shanghai Consumers Association jointly launched netizens rights protection plan, announced the use of love Shanghai promote the results of the search to provide double protection for users". We note that here is the love of Shanghai promotion of search results, not the result of natural ranking, I think Shanghai will not let users in the search process can protect the rights and interests of all search results of any search engine can not do, do not have what meaning! >

yesterday, careful friends will find love in Shanghai, love Shanghai when the search keyword appears on the right to a prompt, "love Shanghai and the association to remind you:"

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