On the site of the anchor text keywords website ranking advantage

On the site of the anchor text keywords website ranking advantage

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three, Links

two, external links

exchange Links, do not have the main keywords as anchor text. Keywords in the optimization process, will focus on optimizing the inevitable, in the whole station is more focused on the search engine. So we should find some upper "organic food" such as exchange "organic products" or organic food diversification this link. One can make the anchor text diversity, and can dilute the anchor text to avoid excessive optimization

an internal link,

sometimes we will find that the reason why a page has never seen the words, but the page ranking is so high. Only one reason is that there are a large number of links to this page, so the search engine will think very high this page and a link between keywords. The so-called anchor text, either inside or outside the station. The search engine will only be through the pages of the index, emphasis on the statement text bold, color, H tags climbed to another page. It is the most important link station and station links at the same time to start. Of course, the most important thing is to some external links, because the decisive factors or other websites or web pages for your awareness. It appears in the anchor text keywords to link other websites or web pages is the most important.

in order to improve the keywords ranking, we need to do the anchor text as much as possible for some key words. Avoid including anchor text all use the same keywords, such as "when we optimize the organic food, can also be appropriate to do some" organic products "of the anchor text, at the same time, the source of the link website also should be diversification, rather than a large number of links from several web sites.

search engine is unable to read the picture, because the picture ALT tags and picture description should pay more attention to the description of the image content may. Search engine image search will obtain certain picture information by analyzing the pictures of the anchor text, so the application of good anchor text can improve the website picture in picture search.

When the

said the anchor text our common type

internal anchor text link is to improve the user experience and increase the viscosity, to achieve the purpose of flow. The two is to increase the relevance of the anchor text links. The website of the internal links need to follow similar principles of optimization, try to use the anchor text contains keywords. In the optimization of the internal anchor text links, to avoid excessive optimization.

keyword anchor text, you should know it! Is that we do the keyword link. For example! Like the benefits of organic food is what? The "organic food" ("< a href=贵族宝贝***贵族宝贝 > code; < /a > organic food;;) is a text description.

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