When the user to grasp the initiative of Shanghai dragon how

When the user to grasp the initiative of Shanghai dragon how

September 12, 2017 qwmzqibw 0

so, once the participation of users, we Shanghai dragon Er should do? We should be how to carry out the work of Shanghai dragon? Actually I think in Shanghai Longfeng work in such a condition is normal, because we Shanghai dragon Er is to use the Shanghai Dragon technology to the highest quality information the best show to the Internet users through search engines. We do Shanghai dragon and the user and search engine is not antagonistic, but mutual aided development.

think about these things, we now stationmaster can almost to manipulate, so the search engines, it returns the information to the user will not be required by the users or not the most authoritative, because there are too many man-made factors on the inside. If one day, the search engine ranking mechanism changes, became by the user to judge the quality of the site, then the search engine based on user judgments to the website ranking, so we are now the Shanghai dragon approach can do? Our Shanghai dragon road how to go? How to adjust Shanghai Longfeng our core work? Unisignflex Shanghai dragon want to talk about some of the views of these.

first, for the website ranking, the user initiative which is certain to happen, and maybe in the near future. Why? Because of the development of the search engine cannot do without the support of the user, if the user is not very good in the search engine to find the information they need, search engine information back to the user also can not satisfy the user experience, then the search engine is to be eliminated sooner or later. However, if the users love the site in the front row of the search results, then the user what to say? To fully meet the user experience is the core idea and the value of the development of search engine. So here I am bold predictions, the future site of the sort will be involved in user participation in


in the user initiative of the period, we Shanghai dragon Er to do is how to build a website, users love to provide a high quality information and service website, one can really meet the user experience of the website, we really need to do to do their own strong network >

Shanghai dragon basically can be divided into two parts: the first work station optimization; second: standing outside promotion; the majority of Shanghai dragon Er should know, in what is now Shanghai Longfeng work, in order to let Shanghai dragon have a good effect, a large component of human operation. The station optimization needless to say, it completely by the website for a hand, I will talk about some situations outside the station. Shanghai dragon station promotion mainly to do outside the chain of high quality, because now the search engine is very important for website external links. It is because of the external link very seriously, the majority of our core work of Shanghai dragon Er every day is probably the chain construction quality. These links are mostly made by our webmaster to do, including the exchange of Links, news releases, forums, blog and other platform outside the chain.

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