Through two cases of my understanding of marketing promotion to the next level

Through two cases of my understanding of marketing promotion to the next level

September 12, 2017 upgypqbj 0

first case: husband that I was the mistress of my marriage afflict by every means

"I and husband are being introduced. About two years, we are deeply attached to each other in marriage. I know that recently husband before he had been the mistress thing, we calm and warm life from being broken, the husband no longer in the past love and passion for me, no matter how I admit to him, to his confessions are of no avail, I don’t know how to explain their past, talked to his profession, with yourself he falls in love with the man who had nothing to do. Now I am undivided attention love him, love this family. He looked down on me, insult me, say I hide the past cheated on him. To this day, he often go out to play, the middle of the night and return, not playing mahjong playing cards is a foot massage. He was angry, I dare not call him, did not dare to question the reason he came back late. If he drink after supper, got home at midnight, woke me, whether I would force me to a couple of lines and I feel regardless of sex, the more annoying is that the more I don’t want him to want to do more, even to buy online "XX brand Viagra" against me. I feel like torture. I’m tired of him this to me, sometimes I also refused his unreasonable requirements like torture, he in front of me rogue said: "you are my wife, I play you too?" "you don’t want, I don’t want to do, who do you think you are. I didn’t want to do, want to divorce? "I can only compromise rendered speechless. Now, over the past two months, I told him frankly admit, warm and thoughtful to serve him, he still not indifferent to my. I was miserable and helpless. I think he can’t forgive, that to my suffering, my heart a horizontal to divorce".

do soft Wen promotion for a long time, how to return the boss problem recently, ask this question I was embarrassed, also is the promotion of soft paper not to give the company to bring any book on the interests of the company may of course for brand promotion has certain significance. But the boss is not listening to you talk about this set of virtual, he needs real profits, in fact I do in this period of time to promote the soft also kept thinking about this. Today I finally want to understand, I just soft advertising Age I, what is Age I, that is to say just because you do not a hard advertising, and does not cause the reader’s attention, according to the communication, not caused two spread soft failure, obviously I just let the administrator through the soft Wen, but did not bring the two spread, is advertising shallow implantation I said before. Today I want to know is that I must deep into advertising to understand this problem, though, in fact do advertorials deep implantation is great difficulty. But do a deep soft advertising implant, I believe it will be the top ten even 100 shallow implantation of the soft, you may hear here quite hanging call, now did not understand what is called Age I, what is the depth of implantation, I want to through two cases, let everyone understand thoroughly the two the concept of what I say.


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