Optimization on the site within the chain structure under the content is king

Optimization on the site within the chain structure under the content is king

September 12, 2017 sdikdwvy 0


2, the insert keywords anchor text, when we publish articles, related keywords and links, such as the words of my site is "love Shanghai", then I will use the keywords anchor text link to the home page or other pages. The benefits of doing so is to point to can effectively transfer page website weight.

third, how to optimize the internal chain structure? How should the specific chain website, this problem bothers many Shanghai Longfeng novices, in fact this is a very good solution to the problem, because we now use a variety of web applications, have this function, we just pay no attention to.

Shanghai dragon circles there is a saying: "the content is king, the chain for emperor", therefore, many webmaster friends in Shanghai Longfeng are according to this sentence to carry out the optimization strategy of Shanghai dragon. But for the comprehension of this sentence may not be deep, most of them think the content is original, the more the better, in order to achieve the effect of ignoring the king, at the same time to build a good internal links to add content. Therefore, this article will discuss with everybody how to carry out the chain optimization effectively, and ultimately achieve the effect of the content is king.

, 1, can bring to the site plus or keywords and web site overall ranking will get a special treatment.

1, relevant articles / recommended articles, this function for all of us must not strange, in the site, we must make good use of this feature, because of the use of the benefits of these features can reduce the hierarchy within the form of the chain to the site of the most close things are mutual chain up, whether it is for the search the engine or the user perspective is very favorable.

3, tags, also is a label, many webmaster friends may ignore this point in time for publication, in fact, Keywords tag is equivalent to a page. How to >

can reduce the site hierarchy, beneficial to the spider climb take

3, reduce the user steps, can effectively enhance the user loyalty to the web site in the search engine to provide reference data points

first, in the chain within the chain is in the same site content page of each link (link your website content to your site inside pages, also known as internal links). Website internal link structure, can improve your search engine and website weight. Relative to the external links, internal links are also very important. Everyone must have their own website! We know our website updated content, search engine spiders crawling through the link structure. Therefore, a good chain structure compared to a disordered chain structure, I think we all know spiders will choose which one would love.


second, after the chain optimization good benefits of

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