How to write a title to attract search engine

How to write a title to attract search engine

September 12, 2017 qrcdssnf 0

: the author summed up in Shanghai dragon at the same time, always remember a starting point "user experience for God, we must continue to innovate, constantly sum up, so in the Shanghai dragon field >

in Shanghai dragon in the optimization process, many people have encountered such a question: "what is the title of the search engines want?" today I want to share with you my way out, I hope you can help.

is a title but good enough. This is not enough, just like in the Jingdong store to buy things, first look at the price, service, reputation etc.. The search engine not only see you a title, you will see the contents inside the website results, whether it’s the symbol of requirements.


title in the home page, you think about it. For example, we produce a product, is to meet the needs of the public. Similarly, because the title is meet most of the needs of customers, so the row on the first page. But we also need to go to this part focuses on the analysis of the needs of people coming from, their intentions, potential demand, it is indispensable to us.

in the search engine rules under the premise of the title of the words is also very important. How to understand it, if a title is too long, will cause the weight will be scattered. And will not see some of the words in the search engine, it is the part of the user wants to get, that is no way to let the user experience. So the title of the keywords must control in 6-20 words, keywords contain from 2 to 3, so you can get a good effect

how to write the title of this very simple?. In the search engine, we should be based on the rules of the search engine to optimize the title of this, love Shanghai has launched Scindapsus algorithm, pomegranate algorithm, constantly updated. But the end result in " the supremacy of the user experience as the starting point of ".

Why do some

how to make customers feel good title? Then we must start from the needs of customers. For example: in search of "Hunan tourism" fell in love with the sea, it is obvious that the Hunan Raiders, what attractions, routes, prices, this is the customer requirements, we have to weigh on step by step, so as to write the title.

but our title value where, in the end what attractions. We must consider the problem, just want to "between hospital accreditation and the hospital" is here, people have the authority, has the brand, so the title value is very important.

in the search engine also saw a lot of keywords are placed in a variety of symbols, such as: "[] {}!, etc., that these symbols represent what in the end. I tell you, these symbols is actually meaningless symbols. How to say, the search engine is meaningless for these symbols, does not affect the search records, but also can be used.

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