My experience of how to solve the Shanghai dragon love shipwreck included new sites

My experience of how to solve the Shanghai dragon love shipwreck included new sites

September 12, 2017 jkdxfsgi 0

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1) to optimize the internal work site, try not to let the site appear similar to dead link

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4) with other weight good site exchange Links, let it take us new

3) appropriate to write a soft, or the weight good site with the forum to send some outside chain

believes that the site are sure to get traffic from love Shanghai, but new sites before getting traffic from Shanghai love there, webmaster should first let love Shanghai website only, otherwise everything is nothing, then we have to do to solve the webmaster love Shanghai included new hard? On this issue, I according to do their own years of experience, it summarizes some little experience for all the webmaster reference

said the chain is very good, but for practical or Links, in fact the result, if the conditions of the webmaster or look for those high weight website belt, no conditions have the economic ability of the webmaster can also go to buy some high quality Links, as long as the site weight high enough to each other, and is willing to exchange with our new chain.


2) add some cold keywords in the site title, in order to accelerate the love of Shanghai included in the new

website in line early, in the title of the site keywords might as well add some cold there, why should we do this? I believe you know the love Shanghai love original things, if we add some cold keywords in the website there, or in Shanghai in search of love can’t find some keywords, then Shanghai love will be more easily included in our website, as long as we love Shanghai site was included, and has a certain weight, at that time we put the webmaster in cold keywords replace keywords you want to go

webmaster to optimize the internal work site, this time we do not regularly not get away, in order to let the love of spiders in Shanghai know our website online, let it get over the spider included, we must go to other webmaster website or forum "declared" our website online, so we want to do do? There are many methods for the webmaster, if Adsense is good at writing, so webmaster can write something back to the webmaster site or forums; if people really cannot write what soft, can also go to the weight good site or forum to send the chain, not only is this love can attract spiders in Shanghai visit, but also for our website, after Shanghai Longfeng lay the foundation for

website to attract hundreds of spiders long before visiting, the best first station on websites carefully check the papers, see what things have to change, or what is the problem to be solved, if no matter what nature is the best, even if there are problems can also be solved sooner, do not let the website in after the Shanghai spiders to attract love website as something different, the influence of the free love Shanghai included our website

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