The community search advertising and general search advertising merits

The community search advertising and general search advertising merits

September 11, 2017 bksuroys 0

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general search advertising said their advantage is that when you search for a keyword, the search engine will return with a keyword related search advertising. The advertising is precisely the information you want; if you don’t put the keywords search enterprise search advertising will not show up. This is on the search advertising customers save a part of the advertising fee to a certain extent, at the same time, search advertising brings traffic mostly target flow, flow with certain accuracy.

OK, the end of the conversation, but the topic is not the end. From the current situation, the future general search certainly in the user experience to make great efforts to search advertising is the inevitable trend. There is a little suggestion that Shanghai dragon, the user experience is a fundamental to the success of the web site.

community search advertising is not convinced, say they have their own advantages. Listen carefully to say. Our community search is based on the analysis of user data induction. For example, in a community with a female user, user information including gender, age, hobbies, and some life habits. This information will be recorded in the community website database. So when this female clients through community search to search for a product or keywords, procedures related to community search quickly from the relevant information data of the registered user database called the female customers, then analyzed and summarized, relevant search results to return the female users interested in. For example the user registration information in one piece of information is female users often use Estee Lauder, L’OREAL skin cream; OK, then return to search advertising is about the two brand series of skin cream products advertising. So the community search is not a more humane, better than ordinary search advertising. At the same time the community operator can also search for information recorded by the female users, then according to the search information of these female customers to the female customers to launch advertising. In this case, the community search more prominent advantages. As for the precision is not better than ordinary search competitive advertising; user experience to do better.

, Facebook do very well; the market capitalization also soared, a great catch Google italy. So now Google has begun the development of Google’s search business belongs to the community. From Google this move, community search potential.

must have a lot of common search company will never take this cake helplessly to community operator. The final volume will be how to share the community search cake I guess boldly under these general search company. Then the general search should use the following.

began the discussion of this topic, I think for a long time, to begin this article in what way. I finally decided to begin this article with a form of dialogue. Here the general introduction to community search (such as Facebook, SNS and other embedded site in the search form); general search is our common love of Shanghai Google, etc. these search engines.

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