Shanghai dragon the same turning point and difficulties where product manager

Shanghai dragon the same turning point and difficulties where product manager

September 11, 2017 azwnolxx 0

Shanghai dragon turn product manager especially rampant in some large enterprises such employees in only a short while ago has helped many, Shanghai dragon size enterprises to earn a pot of gold itself, and then with the wireless era, practitioners often Shanghai Longfeng facing such an embarrassment, regardless of how their own efforts, not to achieve flow after a certain extent always, love Shanghai own products have erosion on all walks of life flow is very large, so for large enterprises in Shanghai Longfeng employees, most of the time to be facing the problem of transition, and the product manager in this position, due to the low threshold, wide depth, and whether large enterprises or all BAT. More attention, so this paper can provide for the upcoming Shanghai dragon turn product manager buddies Little advice, hope that we can help.

let’s talk about the Shanghai dragon work what are, simply, the process is as follows: product knowledge, only familiar with the products we can optimize, Rio word, user analysis; then expand keywords, the specific method is not to say, here is the website structure, including keywords chain structure, structure and so on; page optimization including keyword density, noise reduction, inside the chain and so on; the analysis of the data within the chain, the chain, ranking, and web log analysis;

we look at Shanghai dragon and product manager what coincidence place, first is familiar with the product, only a comprehensive grasp of the product to better their work will spread out, secondly, the user experience, with more intelligent search engine, user experience is also called the Shanghai dragon in the industry more loud, and all the products function of product manager must focus on the user experience to do, so this part, whether the product manager or Shanghai dragon, or otherwise, must cannot do without the user experience, third, data analysis, data analysis is important in Shanghai dragon in it is self-evident in the product, however yet, only to understand the rate of the page out, the residence time of the user, calculating the value of the page according to a certain formula, in order to better the production Product manager duties in place, reduce out, increase user reservation, each product managers need to think about things.

is not difficult to see, the key lies in the establishment of the optimization strategy of Shanghai Longfeng station, Shanghai Longfeng need to establish tag page, set all kinds of pages, and part of the product is also a collection of pages, as the optimization strategy and products of Shanghai Longfeng combination, is conducive to the optimization, but also conducive to the product experience, so Shanghai Longfeng and products contact manager >

The following

we look at the product manager needs to do what product manager is to be able to implement the customer demand shaping people. He needs to collect and sort out the needs of users, and output product prototype document such as FRD/BRD or similar Axure documents, and then coordinate interaction, visual and technical personnel before and after the end of the design prototype has become a reality and real experience and track users do the follow-up continuous optimization of


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