Talk about the interaction between Shanghai dragon and PPC

Talk about the interaction between Shanghai dragon and PPC

September 11, 2017 lejlgizx 0

2, more accurate keywords. Accurate positioning of keywords can let the enterprise obtain more pure clear target users are more likely to complete orders.

Localization of


, 4 for local enterprises, can do PPC for the area, to avoid some invalid flow field.

1, top speed, immediate. Enterprises can choose the number of their investment funds obtained through ranking, immediate effect.

how to make Shanghai dragon and PPC complement each other improve conversion rate of

in recent years, more and more enterprises begin to get involved in the search engine marketing, others choose PPC Shanghai Longfeng some enterprises, even both run. Then for the enterprise how to deal with the Shanghai dragon PPC to make search engine influence to maximize efficiency? And Shanghai dragon PPC does not exist in the conflict, the author thinks that the best search engine marketing strategy by combining the two, so that the two complement each other, improve site conversion rate. First, we first revisit the old saying about Shanghai dragon and PPC these two kinds of search marketing advantages.

1, user acceptance is high, compared to the PPC easier to search that. Internet users for Internet advertising with rejection effect, compared to the search results in PPC advertising, the search will be more natural search results and trust.


2, Shanghai dragon can build online brand, natural ranking can obtain stable peers and customers trust. The search for natural search results can trust, for the enterprise brand line points.

We know that the Cycle

Shanghai Longfeng summary

PPC has a brief overview of the

3, investment cost is lower, not like PPC worry about your keywords being malicious click.

3, the choice of keywords is more flexible. Compared with the Shanghai dragon, PPC advertising on the choice of keywords will be more flexible, enterprises can use multiple keywords PPC advertising, in a stage and then select the high conversion rate of the words.

1, Shanghai dragon long can borrow from PPC to make up


site of Shanghai dragon needs certain cycles to see the effect, keywords ordinary heat takes about two or three weeks, the industry popular keywords is in need of a month or more, for this part to keywords long cycle we can use PPC to make up for. Popular to say that the low competitiveness of words we can directly by Shanghai dragon quickly get a ranking, the Shanghai dragon cannot short-term results, keywords or difficult to make up we can use PPC, so down Shanghai Longfeng and PPC reached a mutual.

The advantages of

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