Affinity analysis a few details of the spider love Shanghai

Affinity analysis a few details of the spider love Shanghai

September 11, 2017 odsgvvpg 0

second, for some privacy content need to be screened by robots protocol. The search engine has become the rules of the industry, because a website not only to serve the love of Shanghai, but also to serve the vast number of users, if the user information was leaked, it will seriously affect the users trust, so in some content, especially related to user privacy, can be shielded by robots, tell Shanghai what can not love spiders crawl, but this kind of practice is effective to enhance the work efficiency of the spider love Shanghai.

third, the jump function optimization of website. In order to further increase the amount of some web browsing the target page, or site after revision, in order to let the old version of the traffic redirection version, it will involve the page jump. But if in the web page to achieve directly through the jump code, often by the love of spiders in Shanghai that is a kind of cheating behavior, so we can use 301 redirection technology love Shanghai recognized, for the love of spiders in Shanghai more friendly, help to improve the website of Shanghai’s pro and the degree of love.

fourth, use to avoid dynamic web pages. Now many websites are using some template, the template is designed with automatic code generation ", although it can improve.

first, pay attention to shield some incompatible page. In fact, a website is not all of the content required to be presented to the Shanghai spiders love, we want to show the love of spiders in Shanghai is mainly related to the content of the page and home page. Including site map and other basic code, this helps to love Shanghai spiders crawl, but for Flash pages, JS code pages and user registration and advertising pages, if we are to love Shanghai spiders, then love Shanghai spider hand the existing technology is not able to crawl the FLASH page, on the other hand, if JS the script or some associated website and content are not grab, the end result will let love Shanghai think this website belongs to garbage sites, and even cause the punishment, so for these spiders love Shanghai enough affinity page by using the nofollow attribute can be shielded, so as to enhance the love of Shanghai spider crawling efficiency and affinity.

with love Shanghai search intelligence continues to improve, more and more sites will be more dependent on love Shanghai, and with the continuous development of the site itself, love Shanghai dependence on other sites will gradually increase, and gradually form a win-win situation of mutual fusion. So we run the site affinity love Shanghai spider has become a must. So the content is king, the chain for the emperor has become the highest principle of Shanghai dragon industry.

but in website optimization level, in addition to follow the highest principle, also need to pay attention to the details of the optimization, and a website can eventually account for the love of Shanghai ranked top, or to rely more on the details of the optimization. Here’s a few details of the specific analysis of Shanghai dragon optimization.

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