Avoid site traffic loss of Shanghai Longfeng strategy

Avoid site traffic loss of Shanghai Longfeng strategy

September 11, 2017 sdikdwvy 0

website is linked to punishment, the main factors is that some suspicious sites in order to hide their true goal in these links, suspicious site chain to some credible sites, to achieve the recognition algorithm to confuse spider. (such as home also have established some trash put links to love Shanghai, Sina station etc.. These are the) chain to a trusted site, if not very large site, there may be a search engine.

has now as in the past, no competitor will give you something you don’t want the construction of the chain.

prevent competitors illegal links

tired all day outside the chain to write the article to do Shanghai dragon, want to get a faster and better way, the Shanghai dragon strategy can play a role.

of course, we are not in favor of the Shanghai dragon strategy, although the Shanghai dragon operation has always been there, and are used by some people, even one day the Shanghai dragon strategy by your competitors to set your website.


search engine to prevent complaints as opponents have been framed and not very good Shanghai Longfeng strategy, because the decision is not in your hands, he may not like you care about your own website traffic that complaints about you so concerned about. It’s no wonder that many webmasters are a little crazy.

although this seems unfair, but we can do what

strategies to prevent

you can build a suspicious site, then put a lot of points to rogue websites and links to competitors, then you can wait for Google update algorithm. If the Google algorithm is quick, easy to be seen through the opponent, you can add Google and Amazon in Canada when the export link, this algorithm effective time will last longer, but not easy to be seen through the opponent.

also some competitors may be very clever, you know Shanghai Longfeng operation strategy, and report suspicious your site to Google. But you can always build a large number of suspicious sites, endlessly repeating your Shanghai dragon strategy. As long as you have been in operation, and site when showing these suspicious sites and you master what is the relationship, you also do not have what loss. But competitors big losses, spent a lot of time and effort to do up the rankings, due to being punished rather baffling lost.

it also gives us a revelation: regular stations are also at risk of being used by suspicious sites.

site traffic declineThe

on the site by illegal links to be punished many cases, not long ago, the Moz has a customer under this kind of situation. The website is illegal links to be right down, sometimes lucky, after a few months can restore the keywords ranking, but if not lucky, the website is dead.


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