Shanghai Longfeng not only confined to the site should rise to the level of search marketing

Shanghai Longfeng not only confined to the site should rise to the level of search marketing

September 10, 2017 tazhawsu 0

website Shanghai Longfeng solve problems included are not easy to fix, not ranked two or three months basically. As long as you like Alibaba released some products, some popular keywords is very easy to do. But here there is a point to say is that we need to know your product attributes, such as you are the type of information products, it cannot be done as I do Ali, before joining stone fish. It can only be useful in love like Shanghai search engine, such as the medical industry also belongs to the type of information search, it is only in the search engine to do. In fact, the judgment is not suitable for a comparison of the standard method, it is with the Alibaba tools Ali index, if you do the product is the index in Ali’s company doing, then you can do, if not, it is estimated.

search where there is Shanghai dragon, such as Taobao search, the Alibaba also has a search, even micro-blog search. Other search rules are relatively simple, the most troublesome is the comprehensive search engine. If the site is done in Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon to do Ali Wangpu is very simple, because I have nearly four years of experience in Shanghai dragon. Come to this company now need to do Alibaba, nature of this task falls on me. Study on Alibaba search rules is very simple, because before the whole network search experience, after all, the Alibaba is a search, do not solve the problem even included a lot easier than sex, Shanghai, easy access to the web site traffic, unlike Shanghai dragon.

of course do not necessarily need to Shanghai, on the site, such as the use of blog is also possible, such as Sina blog weight is very high. Used to rank is also quite good, such as the weight of corporate blog is also good, you just need to keep a blog, such as weight training up, some of the long tail word is upset can easily take down. Like this kind of high weight platform has a great advantage, it is generally not needed to solve problems included, search engines will be included. Also we can use the B2B platform, a large part of the B2B platform is also included is very good, can take up a large number of popular long tail keywords layout, the effect is very fast, but also very obvious.

of course to a more local, such as some of the forum included is also very good, such as small weight bean is also high, love Shanghai know, Post Bar are all available resources. Shanghai dragon must not be confined in the site, why use these platforms? Why is the website needs time is too long, the boss is not patient, the site also has a variety of risks, fear of being right down, web space problems, hacker attacks and so on a variety of reasons. However, these platforms are basically in a short period of time to see the effect, all sites to worry about the problem need not worry, these things are free, the site still need a little cost. The key issue is time, short time effective, if the sites are more popular keywords, it is.

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