Talk about how to use the hot events do flow from CSDN password leak

Talk about how to use the hot events do flow from CSDN password leak

September 10, 2017 qnbblzgg 0

keyword statistics on the day of December 21st, from the figure, we can see that. I just send a water paste, actually brought more than 1000 traffic through more than 500 keywords to the. The first example is on the keen observation, when the major portals have not reported, have to seize the initiative.

use hot events to increase web traffic we should not be unfamiliar, you will often see some "use hot events to create tens of thousands of traffic, how to take advantage of the hot events do flow and so on these articles. Whether it is the webmaster, web site operators or friends, want to increase website traffic and ranking, flow up, and we can get the boss’s approval.


through the love of Shanghai "

first, want to do with the flow of hot events on your own website, the premise is the weight of the website is not bad. Weight is not ideal, even if you do, the effect is not ideal, even no effect. Because you will find that if your site weight is not high, the love of Shanghai is not immediately the seconds of your article, even to the second genius included, then, has not to occupy the initiative. Also, large portals are reported hot events, as long as the report will occupy the top. If an event is the most large portal website reported, then there is no need to do. The following is a popular event with the recent CSDN password leak case "to share the author is how to do. Below is the "CSDN password leak" after the flow chart.

CSDN password leak occurred in December 21st, when micro-blog from 360 to see this message, has been broadcast 1200 times, I also went to search the half believe and half doubt, love Shanghai, love in the sea, then only 2 websites of Sohu and drive home reported, so they went to the KingCMS forum. A post, the intention is to remind you webmaster and programmers to keep your account.


Post issued, directly by the love of Shanghai seconds, post click rate has been on the rise. Because of the love of Shanghai billboard before the news, so the author in the post title to include some users may search keywords, "CSDN" 6 million "". The event spread quickly, on the second day, the major portals have reported that micro-blog is also crazy.

Below is the

December 22nd, Shanghai Billboard Hot love real time has appeared in the word "CSDN 6 million", but also ranked in the first place. Yesterday’s post, in the fall in love with the sea has dropped to dozens, dozens of IP also can bring flow can be ignored. From that, the weight of a large portal higher than us, published content than we comprehensively, so naturally fell behind.

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