Shanghai dragon in backwards who is lazy

Shanghai dragon in backwards who is lazy

September 10, 2017 upgypqbj 0

update for web content, we first point to whether the bureau is collecting. For a marketing website, if the content does not feature, just let people copy article, is tantamount to the parasite. This website is useless for search engines, and "hate". So, if your website is mostly collected information, so I am sorry, good at "lazy" you have been search engine fire, to obtain good performance, he was going to say "come on, how could

is now Shanghai Longfeng site operation is optimized the way people sought after, but many Shanghai dragon Er also in the present situation of Shanghai dragon feeling particularly arduous. In the Google statement denying Shanghai dragon, but denied that BR love Shanghai, Shanghai dragon road is very difficult to optimize. It is therefore a lot of Shanghai dragon Er launched the industry optimization for other work. This makes us have to reflect, Shanghai Longfeng effect is still backward, represent the general trend of "people" in today might be lazy? And the author Dennis to look for the answer.


website ranking back! Website traffic decreased? The overall effect of Shanghai dragon back, who is lazy?


so, website content we are looking for a good user experience for high quality. What is the quality? Generally speaking, we think that the contents of the original degree is high, refined, illustrations, display information and the current user information consistent with the information for the optimal search. But we also know that such content in the open source of the "Internet plus" era is really very rare.

the current situation, the overall trend of Shanghai dragon to move closer to the UEO. It is undeniable that at present most can enhance the user experience of the mode of operation, in addition to the previous section of the site layout, the latter is more important updates. The content of the website is now a key site optimization, this is we can not deny, but how to do this, a lot of Shanghai dragon Er is not fully understood.

how to do


Shanghai dragon friends know, at present the traditional website optimization technology has been facing elimination, the importance of the chain is suppressed to a minimum, only for many industries is to act as the role of God chicken ribs. In August we can see that the overall trend of website optimization is in a downturn, many of the same medium and small Shanghai dragon Er are very tangled, so unknown. Don’t know what is the search engine in the collective change? Technique itself or there is a problem with the

frankly speaking is the evolution of traditional optimization methods, the turn point, starting from the details. This is similar to the current needs of the community, is not comprehensive talent, but pay more attention to training professional talents. So, what we should do is to put the whole details, details to win, this optimization is now uncertain condition will not be offset optimization of the main direction. >


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