The dynamic page ranking actual password

The dynamic page ranking actual password

September 10, 2017 hhbhixcm 0

is ranked in the front page of the second position, the keyword index is not high, but still have the index, may be some friends will say this word is very easy to do. This word is of course easy to do, especially the high weight of the site is to write an essay like this will make up the keywords may not need any optimization. The reason why this dynamic page can be optimized to the first page and ranking is relatively stable because I only do one step optimization, is hanging on a one-way link, as shown below:

description of the same background no single station, the article describes settings, set the above optimization can be seen is very ordinary, do not set the number of optimization. The link here is not published, but can tell you is certainly a dynamic link. We see the figure shown in today’s rankings:

3, this article describes: Hunan Star software company focused on construction sites in Shaoyang, Shanghai dragon optimization, promotion, website construction, website production services.

you see here we can find out the reason of the magical effect of one-way links, this.

Now Keywords

1, title title settings: Shaoyang website – Hunan Star software company


do this is Shaoyang Shanghai dragon, the word is certainly not so difficult to the above keywords, can also be said that there is no difficulty. But do not go up an article title and description set to be ranked, the word I used the same technique, and also used the same website to do a one-way link, please see below:

Shanghai Longfeng generally divided into two types, one is the construction of the station, there is a station outside the building. Of course in general construction is outside the chain, the chain, the station must focus on the structure of the website and the quality. Today to share with you in the optimization technology of Shanghai Longfeng is not optimistic, in order to prove the effect of the chain of high quality, pro test for nearly 2 months to get a result. For the optimization of the site, the webmaster and Shanghai dragon Er love pure static page or pseudo static pages, dynamic pages but this time I give you the drill, and the page quality and ranking is not very good, even the title, description, keywords set piece is very sloppy, let us first look at the key words of the title and description of settings, as shown below:

of course this one-way links can not hang, one-way links to have two conditions. The first is the snapshot update block, but also one of the most important; second, no site is down right or be K, this link is about to put 2 months, this article is easily ranked in the home page, and which I released about Article 5 chain, these can be neglected. In order to confirm the effect of strong one-way links, and requires only one, so I verify the practical skills of this optimization again, please see below:

, the 2. key words: Shaoyang website

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