The website page not included but page analysis of the main reasons included

The website page not included but page analysis of the main reasons included

September 9, 2017 upgypqbj 0

first, new sites can also cause such problems. But if the construction site is normal, so the process is not very long, because when the new station will submit an application to the love of Shanghai, began to enter the examination period, the pre-trial period will be the new site with the judgment cycle length will soon return to normal, this time for the owners concerned, only need to carry out normal content update line. But here for stationmaster friends to pay attention to a little, if within two weeks did not eliminate this phenomenon, then you need to pay attention to whether the new station before the line there is a black hat optimization strategy, because it is likely to be the love of Shanghai directly K off, according to the official information because of love the sea, when the new site in submit an application after the web page was collected, if more than two weeks did not change, it is likely that the site was K.

in the website operation, we often encounter web pages included, but home is not included. Because the home is not usually included said this website may encounter right down, or is the site is a new station, did not reach the included permissions. Some just within the pages of original content, so it is easy to be included. To solve this problem on the Internet, there have been many, but this paper discusses another common phenomenon here, that is to be included in the web page, but the page is rarely included, even not included.

second, robots.txt file rules are not handled properly. The probability of this problem is relatively small, because for the majority of the webmaster friends, many do not know the function of the robots protocol, and rarely deal with this agreement, so because of this problem leads to the inside pages included relatively few cases. But there are also some certain owners, in order to make their sites get better optimization, some inconvenience to the contents of the search engines look for shielded, so use this rule to shield some aspects of the. But in the preparation of Url path shielding, accidentally in the page Url path column to shield, this love Shanghai nature can not traverse the website page, and then lead to the corresponding content included in the page.

for this phenomenon may make many people feel perplexed, because when a site of the home page was collected, indicating that the site has been recognized by the search engine, so the inside pages of the site will not be included or declining is not included. That is to say, this is usually not because the site being punished, but the site itself will exist. If this problem can’t be solved quickly, it will bring a huge risk to the continued operation of the website. Analyze the root cause here is to produce.


third server, resulting in poor stability. It is easy to be many owners ignore the problem, relative to the previous two kinds of reasons, at least is the optimization of the site owners have higher requirements to, but in the process of optimization, because the ability is poor, or care enough to lead, but also to that webmaster >

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