Website promotion weight method

Website promotion weight method

September 9, 2017 qrcdssnf 0

: contact details

two: the unique design of

as a company, must have a fixed place of business and contact method, which can be recognized by the industry and commerce, so is the search engine, many people have mentioned early, essential contact details, fixed telephone, mail service. In fact, this is also part of the user experience, as many products stand, if not fixed, only the mobile phone, no address, if customers can trust you?

"the chain for emperor" has been recognized by all the owners, so many owners will indulge in various chain construction work, the new owners for many sites are a program installed, and change link, link, has always been ranked rise, more through a variety of software one night between the chain of "rich" because the site is too new, but body weight is too low explosion death. "Like attracts like. Birds of a feather flock together." into a search engine in terms of absolute sense, a K link will lead to their suspicion, so a high quality and high weight links? That will make you more attention, so find the link to have the principle, plan, the first day of the new hope they don’t worry get a lot of links, even if you think, is also looking for "difficult"

website, direct CMS, BBS program web server on the floor, a site was born, but he will always get good rankings, this is why? In fact, as many mature products such as DEDE, DZ etc., has been widely used in the webmaster, code "flood" to the extreme, a search engine to your site, it is found that the world Datong, think "code flooding", so the site through the DIV+CSS re design is essential, of course, be able to develop their own procedures that is good, through the understanding, I believe that good Master accreditation procedures have specially developed program the site can often get search engine.

a site to get good rankings in search engines should do? Many people will answer: original articles, send the chain, do the inside pages optimization framework, and so on. This is not the only one, in fact… All of this to the final purpose is: to enhance the website weight! Only one site high weight will be the rankings, will have a "snapshot", will have a "second", will have a "collection" and so on. In the network, we can often see many articles about how to improve the content of the website weight, but is not very system is not specific, today through my understanding of the recent Shanghai dragon years, combined with the "I love Shanghai from the previous product as the website ranking about the phenomenon of" watershed, to the big direction from the establishment of all the minor details about how to improve the network weights, let the keywords ranking before the "love of Shanghai". (a phenomenon referred to the link in the article is keyword ranking in Shanghai love Wikipedia, quizzes and other products before the site is high weight website, keywords ranking excellent)

three: high weights of the external links

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