nfluence of user behavior factors website ranking

nfluence of user behavior factors website ranking

September 9, 2017 hhbhixcm 0

Many factors affect the site’s ranking of

website viscosity also on behalf of the user experience, the website viscosity is high, natural user experience better, but also can through the tools that website viscosity, website popup rate, access time, access page etc. These are tools can be recorded, the website popup rate is low, the access time is longer, visit the page more naturally to illustrate your website user experience better, the search engine on the web the more practical value, the site of high viscosity will naturally look natural, not with the user to do, after all, the search engine is for customer service.

website viscosityIn fact,

no matter what, you will visit second times, it will illustrate your website is useful to him, both new and old customers repeatedly return to visit the same website, it will be able to explain this website to give better rankings, because it can really help the user, the user is willing to go back to find it. Nature has its value of existence. Shanghai dragon A5 diagnosis and optimization (贵族宝贝 group of Shanghai dragon.Admin5贵族宝贝/topic- Shanghai dragon.Html) will often encounter customers ask: " why my website is a new user, but not the old user access to a? They should have the impression, why not see their second visit website? "In fact from this point you can.

ALEXA now we are not ranked in importance, has not too much attention to the webmaster, but it can also reflect to a certain extent to the quality of the website? Such as how much traffic to the site or can be roughly estimated, but the sample distribution is not uniform, and easy to cheat, sometimes with real traffic sites it is great, but no matter how the more traffic, website naturally more popular with users of the love, it can also reflect the popularity of websites, when many users come to your site, and will often come back, there are a lot of visitors, the search engine can be observed, when the search engine you know that every day there are tens of thousands of Web site traffic, also will accept you, after all, this is the user need website, love, so it will meet the demand. That will be nice to you, to you for the ranking, so it is convenient for users to search.

three, the user back rate

, ALEXA and

web traffic rankingAlthough

website ranking?

, not only is the chain and content, there are many other factors in this area, such as: the website user behavior on website ranking is also a direct impact, but the A5 team in Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis and optimization to the customer site but diagnosis found few webmaster pay attention to these factors. The user in the search engine’s operation and operation on your own site but not in mind, as everyone knows, the study habits of users is good, can help you improve your website ranking. The following A5 diagnosis optimization team to Shanghai dragon and talk about, what are the effects of user behavior


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