Love Shanghai for the account of keyword selection strategy

Love Shanghai for the account of keyword selection strategy

September 9, 2017 upgypqbj 0

some customers choose to have sex Shanghai to promote their products, also have a certain strength of enterprises. But after doing a love Shanghai promotion, the effect is still not very ideal, customers are very puzzled. The reason lies in the choice of keywords in the initial stage, customers choose the key words part of speech are biased in favor of their own brands, and this kind of key words can according to the characteristics of love Shanghai promotion to lenovo. The platform is Chinese: search engine, active search behavior means that the net, only to be active search keywords net, love Shanghai reception will list of related information, and our customers to do brand promotion Keywords in the selection, just consider the opposite, think only to promote their own keywords in the love Shanghai. Users can see, here is that customers love Shanghai display ad. The information asymmetry leads to many customers in the first floor of the marketing funnel is lost many of the show.

so, we were in love Shanghai promotion, with their own business promotion Keywords is very important and urgent.

for many just contact Shanghai love promotion customers, select the appropriate keywords for your own business promotion is particularly important.


well, we were in love Shanghai account optimization, exactly where the promotion optimization skills worth learning and studying

Zero believes that through the following several aspects to consider and weigh, improve enterprise customers can alleviate the initial confusion to a certain extent.


clear positioning of the enterprise.

is currently in Shanghai, choose to have sex in the promotion of small customers, to business management, building materials, the service life of such customer turnover cycle is short term industry better. The customer most engineering construction turnover cycle longer, choose to have sex early in Shanghai, or in the short term, if you still want to get hold of the rapid turnover, so Zero in this advise you, or take a leave early promotion oliver.

customers in the selection and love Shanghai bidding cooperation, more than 50% of the reason is because of falling in love with Shanghai sales promotion personnel of various interests trap, only to see the sex Shanghai promotion benefits and cake, but never evaluate the positioning of their own enterprises is suitable for Shanghai to promote sex.

so in this case we should choose what kind of keywords >

A large part of

understand their product positioning.

customers in just contact, for the love of Shanghai promotion Keywords selection do not pay attention, do not understand, no, led directly to the running out in the late promotion expenses when suddenly realized that this money wasted. At present the domestic industries promotion users, a part of the cost to love Shanghai, are more concerned about keywords love Shanghai to promote the show, the exposure of enterprises, and the latter may reach the volume of business.

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