nternet startup company intern experience threeApple Tencent ali sh419 mobile AR in the Warring

nternet startup company intern experience threeApple Tencent ali sh419 mobile AR in the Warring

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, on the one hand, Pokemon Go has been described by some as "the best worst example of AR" because its mobile AR environment is fairly basic. Using basic computer vision and positioning techniques, it can display lovely sprite images roughly on the phone screen relative to the real world.

There must be brave under heavy

V2EX http://s.v2ex/t/38359 we are recruiting RoR developers,

200/" mean? That means a salary of 4400 a month

nonetheless, it did make public consumers understand mobile AR, and they liked it very much.

about recruitment, posted

platform issues,

, while shlf1314 Tango guides the competition for high-end mobile AR phones, Facebook’s AR platform implements the popularity of AR across multiple hardware.


high quality resume from Ruby-China, V2EX and BBS the number of startups Jiaotong University, not general intern lot, I believe these releases in these places have been enough, but also are free, or the number of resume is a burden.

what is mobile AR?

, however, apple, Samsung and other mobile phone manufacturers are doing so well in hardware, but this may have a negative impact on mobile AR. For example, Facebook’s AR platform has demonstrated the main social and messaging platforms that can be played by using the average smartphone camera.


and the three major universities in Shanghai Fudan University, Jiaotong University, Tongji University BBS.

therefore, when the installed base of equipment manufacturers to launch new hardware to build AR mobile phone when mature or emerging social / information platform can use less time and lower cost to construct the mobile AR ecosystem and user groups. With the advent of dedicated AR handsets, they can also take advantage of this.

, two 100/ days, the average intern will not be as efficient as a 200/ – day intern, you know. So my advice is to raise my salary so that I can recruit people with better ability.

Zuckerberg once said, "we’re building our camera into the first platform for augmented reality," which is the most important step so far to bring AR to the mass market. Poké mon Go let many consumers for the first time tasted the benefits of mobile AR,

‘s remarkable performance comes from its motion tracking camera and depth sensing camera >

I carefully written this recruitment recruitment post, is different from the general recruitment information, I wrote the post recruitment describes what we do, we can give the intern, * * what we need an intern * * what, more like communication rather than the kind of superior feeling, I think this is business company sincerity. The format of the post was later copied.

Apple will launch this year or next year with the function of AR iPhone may combine with Facebook, create a large-scale mobile AR market, will also be the last step to open the next important platform competition. Consumers will, as usual, be the ultimate beneficiaries, but the market is red.

relatively surprising, Zhaopin and graduating students have forwarded my recruitment post, so that I also received the resume received from these two websites, but the quality of the resume is not high.

the intern is extremely smooth, generally high quality resumes received, eventually admitted two students, some experience in the recruitment of the Internet industry should be able to provide some help in the company development intern, here to do a little.

shlf1314 Tango has chosen another path of development, which is hardware based immersive mobile AR, driven by integrated hardware and software


this recruitment, we give internship pay is relatively high, 200/ days salary is sh419 graduate internship salary level. This is an important guarantee to attract talent, is the so-called heavily under there must be brave, really good results.


editor’s note: for many Internet start-ups, hiring is a difficult problem that can not be crossed, salaries are not dominant, and teams are not dominant. How to recruit talent for the team, everyone has his own heart, linlis company in the recent recruitment of some experience, to share with you.

Ruby-China http://s.ruby-china.org/topics/3655,

Tango doesn’t have much clutter, it looks like any other smartphone, but it does accurate motion tracking, area learning, and depth perception.

hardware and software platforms complement each other, so that it is difficult to tell the difference between the two. In the past ten years, this has helped Apple’s development a lot.

I posted the recruitment post to:

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