Personal summary of six Shanghai Longfeng simple optimization program

Personal summary of six Shanghai Longfeng simple optimization program

September 9, 2017 jkdxfsgi 0

web page Title and Meta and the search engine is one-to-one, if you did not fill in the web page description content in meta, then the search engine will according to crawl the page to display the text information, of course, some of the flash class "is not possible to capture this information.

he did not write a relatively normal optimization scheme, because there is no need to write so seriously, but now it is different, came to the normal work, the optimization scheme must be taken seriously, or customers lost responsibility I can not bear! Here is a sort of optimization outline, we can refer to

contains keywords: Title and Meta are reasonable must contain the keywords on the page that needs to be emphasized. For Title, the most important keywords should be left.

generally speaking, writing for the Title and Meta content requirements are as follows:

channel page Tilte and meta information to optimize the format:

to see if the site has nothing to do with pictures >

accurate: each page has a different title (title), and can reflect the page information description information (Meta Description);


quoted content:
< title> (channel name) – site name (brand slogan) < /title>
< meta name= "Keywords" content= "(channel name), the web site name (channel related keywords)" />
< meta name= "Description" content= "(channel description text)" />
< title> (the name) – (channel name) – site name < /title>
< meta name= "Keywords" content= "(the name), (channel name), the name of the website (channel related keywords), />
< meta" name= "Description" content= "(the first 100 words" />

: short text in Title as not more than 33 characters; Meta Description in the text as not more than 100 words;


link text

, Title A and metaThe search results on the performance of the

!Optimization of

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